Romanian National Day 2019

On Friday, members of the Romanian royal family celebrated their country’s national holiday as they have in the past, hosting a garden party for 3000 guests at Elisabeta Palace.


A palace garden party usually includes hats and such was the case in Bucharest. Custodian of the Crown, Her Majesty Margareta wore an ecru straw teardrop shaped sauce with high upsweep, the underside of which is trimmed with an oversize red silk flower. The flower feels slightly out of proportion (trimmed back just slightly, I think, would do the trick) although it makes a dramatic and festive statement that fits this occasion well.

Designer: Kristina Dragomir
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Maria wore a similarly shaped disk hat in blush beige-pink straw, trimmed with coque and goose feathers in the same pink and varied shades of blue. The colour scheme is a bit unexpected but works, particularly in combination with Maria’s beige-pink silk dress and navy coat.

Designer: likely Kristina Dragomir
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Princess Sophie topped her peacock blue silk dress with a beige straw sidesweep saucer hat trimmed in vibrant blue goose and arrow trimmed coque feathers. I suspect the hat was placed to coincide with Sophie’s hairstyle but I wish it was pivoted slightly forward with the top of the hat angled slightly lower to sweep across her face instead of hover behind it.  Princess Elena paired her emerald silk suit with a deep eggplant hued straw saucer, also trimmed in goose and pointed coque feathers. The purple and green scheme is a brave one- I just wish the green feathers were a better match for the jacket, the purple straw base was larger and, like her sister, the hat was worn at a less severely upright angle.

It’s always lovely to see the Romanian royal sisters at this annual event and I wonder- do you think their quartet of saucer sidesweeps was a coincidence this year?!

Photos from Daniel Angelescu via the Royal Family Of Romania

7 thoughts on “Romanian National Day 2019

  1. Agreed with all that this is a pretty good showing from a monarchy we don’t usually associate with great hats, despite reservations about the color match and placement. I’m surprised that I don’t find the red flower too big due to the loose petal structure and the balance provided by the upswept brim.

  2. All these hats are attractive, interesting, and special enough for a significant day. I like Margareta’s hat, even with the flower this size, since it’s clearly the key feature of the outfit, and doesn’t overwhelm her from the front. Maria’s is attractive and creates a unified colour scheme very well.

    Sophie’s hat is really intriguing, but I do agree about the placement, a little flatter and more forward would have made the hat look better.

    I like Elena’s hat of itself, and actually I think the placement is fine, with the feather explosion going upright. if it were less tilted, the feathers would be going off more horizontally, and I think that could look a bit weird. But as others have mentioned, it’s a shame the colour matching in the outfit isn’t more spot on, it’s close enough that not matching is distracting!

  3. This is definitely one of Margareta’s best hat outings! It’s well-coordinated with her outfit, and I, for one, don’t find the floral trim too large, especially as the hat is plain and beige otherwise.

    Maria’s hat is also a great choice for her, especially with her shorter hair. My only complaint is her coat looks to big (the shoulders are much too wide!) and the material does seem a bit heavy compared to the materials of everything else in her ensemble, but otherwise I really like the overall look.

    Sophie’s dress and hat were a great combination, but the placement on her head was definitely wrong; as I mentioned in the past, I suspect the odd placements is because of their preferred hairstyles and (presumably) wearing hats like this once or twice a year. I especially liked the stud detailing on the brim’s edge of this hat, and is something we rarely see.

    Elena’s ensemble was my least favorite, although it was still a good effort. I’m a fan of green and purple for an unusual color combination, but the greens in her skirt, jacket, and hat feathers are three different shades and of three different materials, which unfortunately are too close without matching. I think a purple outfit would’ve been better, and let the green feathers be the accent, or else better matching greens.

    It’s interesting how this year they all chose similar styles of hats, but I wonder if that helps create a unified look for the royal family and makes them easier to identify at the party?

  4. Margareta and Maria fare pretty well here, their hats, variations on a theme indeed, suit them both well. Their sisters, alas, much less so, their hats are fine in concept, but a bit plonked on their heads. Interesting that they’ve gone as a unified quartet though, it does work overall I think.

  5. All considered, not a bad display. I agree with your point on the angles – on the last two hats in particular. I think princess Margareta’s millinery style is improving significantly (remember her choice at the British royal wedding in 2011? quite something… in a bad way; luckily for her, Beatrice and Eugenie’s faux-passes didn’t leave much room for anyone else’s jarring choices to be noticed).

    Back to May 10th this year,although I like the hat, it would have been much better – indeed – to have the red rose a tad smaller, I find it is slightly overwhelming in its current size. Notwithstanding the rose size, I think this is one of her best looks altogether (as a side note, I like that Prince Radu’s tie appears to coordinate with princess Margareta’s colour scheme.)

    As far as princess Maria’s hat is concerned, I thing it suits her just fine; the only quibble I have is that the navy coat seems too heavy for the rest of her outfit (looks too wintry, although I read that it rained heavily during this event, she seems to be dressed for a different season than her sisters).

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