Monday Multiples: Princess Hisako

Princess Hisako has a lovely black floral suit that she has paired with numerous hats:

Look #1: With an ecru domed crown hat with short kettle brim with black hatband worn for a September 9, 2015 visit to a Red Cross sponsored nursery in Obihiro

Look #2: With a textured straw black saucer hat with raised pyramid center worn July 27,2017 for an international calligraphy exhibition in Tokyo

Look #3: Black hat with pork pie crown and white crin brim overlay trimmed with white hatband tied in a back bow with black posy worn May 25, 2019 to an African Festival in Yokohama


Look #4:  In a green hat with green crin brim overlay and black hatband for an August 28, 2019 visit to “Green Gables” on Prince Edward Island in Canada

Look #5: With a black straw hat with wide striped hatband, back bow, and ecru pinstripe around the brim edge worn September 24, 2019 for the 2019 Japan Sports Masters Tournament

Which hat do you prefer most with this suit?

Photos from  Hokkaido News; Sankei; TICAD; Kenyan Ministry of Sports, Culture & Heritage; The Hon. Wayne Easter, MP; and Gifu News  

12 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Princess Hisako

  1. I like the elegance of the saucer hat the best. As a Canadian I like her colour choice for the appropriate green hat but I think I would like it better without the slight bulk of the crin on the brim.

    I always enjoy seeing Princess Hisako’s lovely hats.

  2. I’m in complete agreement with everyone excited to see a post exclusively on Princess Hisako. She is such delight – always smiling and seems to enjoy meeting people and learning.
    My favorites are the green #4 and #2. The green because the color is so pretty on her, and the style is quite jaunty. She also looks great in the saucer #2.

  3. The only one I’m not a huge fan of is #1 since I think it looks a bit twee on Hisako (who can rock larger brims). #2 is my overall favorite, although if #4 (my runner-up of this list) had just a plain hatband, it would easily be the winner since apple green is one of my favorite shades of green. Wonderful to wake up to Princess Hisako’s wonderful smile and hats this morning!

  4. All of them! Hisako is a very elegant woman and has more of a current and distinct look than most of the other Japanese ladies.

    If pushed, the saucer hat but the last one also provides a nice juxtaposition with the stripes.

  5. What a treat to see a post devoted to Princess Hisako – thank you. I think my favourite is the black pyramid, number 2. The whole look is particularly elegant with this hat. Number 4, the green one, adds a nice element too. I’m less convinced by number 3, I think because the white overlay somehow distracts and detracts from the overall effect of the outfit.

  6. I do like Princess Hisako! Look 3 is my least favourite – I’m not keen on the crin overlay on this hat. She looks good in all the hats really, but possibly my favourite is the green one at 4 – did she borrow the hatband, which seems to have a patterned edge to it, from look 1?

    • Great catch- yes, it looks like the hatband on the first hat (which, I think is bound in the same fabric on the suit) was added to the green hat. You readers miss nothing!

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