Monday Multiples: Princess Caroline

To celebrate Princess Caroline’s 64th birthday last Friday, we’re looking back at two chic hats she wore in Paris on March 4, 1977, both paired with a streamlined cognac, tan and black checked coat:

Look #1: With a charcoal textured felt cloche with slim black hatband

Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: With a tan felt fedora with slightly upturned (Stetson-style) brim trimmed with a black leather hatband

Embed from Getty Images

I so admire how both hats have transcended time- 44 years on, I think each could easily step out today. Which hat, dearest readers, do you prefer most with this coat?

Images from Getty as indicated 

14 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Princess Caroline

  1. I did some digging and she was just 22 years old when these photos were taken. What style and confidence. My vote is for the tan fedora. It’s so effortless.

  2. The charcoal textured hat is lovely, superior construction and quality– but the colour is too close to Caroline’s hair colour. I can see why the stylist added a coloured scarf to add some colour “lift’ to what would otherwise be a dull colour combo. This hat would look perfect on blonde hair (Princess Grace) or black hair (Duchess Meghan).
    The beige felt hat looks sloppy and “old” to me, although I have a hunch it is a feature of the construction plus the use of an inferior, thin felt. I can’t see Caroline wearing something actually old or hand-me-down. However the beige works better with her hair as it provides contrast and therefore highlights her hair colour. It also ties in beautifully with the background colour of the check coat. Altogether a superbly stylish look that reminds me so much of her daughter Charlotte’s effortless equestrian chic.
    BTW, her short hair… we hardly see it these days. It was so common back then (see Diana), but if a 20 year-old (as Caroline then was) wears her hair that short these days, it is seen as some sort of message or statement. How times have changed.

  3. I like the charcoal cloche much better. The tan Stetson doesn’t appear new to me. Maybe momma Grace’s cast-off?
    If you Google “Princess Caroline sombrero 1976”, the first sight that popped up for me is from Pinterest, with more shots of this same duo of hats. That photo, along with HQ’s photos, suggests to me perhaps some posed, publicity shots, and not candid shots.

    • Here is a link to the image Jimbo described (all photos by Francis Apesteguy). I think you’re right about these photos being posed shots. It’s not uncommon- we see magazine spreads of different royals (some more than others) often. This one is interesting because of the hat swap!

  4. This is so incredibly chic. I wonder why she switched hats with it? I love the starkness of the charcoal hat, but the tan one is very stunning as well. Very hard to choose! Regardless, Happy Birthday to Princess Caroline! I am lucky to share my birthday with her. 🙂

  5. I prefer #1 as I think it better suits the shape of her face, but the question remains, why did she change only her hat & scarf in the middle of a day in Paris!

  6. Wow – that’s a deepcut. Love it. This is so chic it hurts. Caroline always has been a very beautiful woman, and both of these looks are not only the height of style at the time, but could still be today. Impossible to choose one.

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