Inventory: Princess Charlene’s Blue Hats

To celebrate Princess Charlene’s 43rd birthday yesterday, we’re diving into her millinery closet this time, for a look at her blue hats:

1. 2.
Designer: both unknown 
Introduced: April 29, 2011; November. 19, 2013

3.  4.
Designer: Stephen Jones;  Gallia e Peter
Introduced: May 10, 2015; November 19, 2017

We see Princess Charlene wear hats once or twice a year so just four blue designs over the past decade is not surprising. What’s undeniable here is Charlene’s leaning toward the streamlined when it comes to millinery. I like the restraint- hats #1 and #4 are particularly striking- although a spare feather, flower or bow could retain the streamlined aesthetic while lending a little zhuzh.

What do you notice about Princess Charlene’s blue hats?

Images from Getty as indicated; Carl De Souza/AFP; PLS Pool; Stephane Cardinale/Corbis and Pascal Le Segretain via Getty

20 thoughts on “Inventory: Princess Charlene’s Blue Hats

  1. I’m going to go against the grain here. Some of these hats are very nice but I think they would be even better with some beautiful feathers or a flower here and there.

  2. I love a wide brim and so I’m a fan of most of these. Number 1 is absolutely stunning I think, she looked so elegant that day. I’m really not a fan of the back of head pancake, I’m not sure I can pin down why but when Mette Marit did it, I loved it, on Charlene it falls a bit flat, literally.

  3. 2 and 4 are the winners in my opinion. The darker shades make the most of HSH’s colouring and the angles they’re worn at are very flattering. There’s something about #3 and the way all her hair seems to be streaming to (or from) it that is a little odd, and perhaps slightly reminiscent of a pie to the back of the head.

  4. I didn’t know she went to William and Kate’s wedding. That pale blue coat and hat are absolutely gorgeous. I guess she and Albert got married just few months later?

  5. Wow. I hate to admit I usually brushed over Charlene’s hats because I thought they were boring but I won’t make that mistake again!. This shows she has her own style and it’s worth paying more attention to. Sleek, sophisticated and so so chic.

  6. #4 hands down is the winner! The boater’s jaunty angle and size is fantastic on her. #3 immediately reminded me of a fancy Mennonite cap. How it stays on the royal head is amazing, and I don’t particularly care for it, even though the color is beautiful. I hope Stephen Jones discounted its purchase, since the “biscuit tin lid” (VERY good, trickymum!) is so minimal.

  7. What a sophisticated and elegant group of hats. I don’t like the flat light blue one as much as the others but the pattern on it is very nice.

  8. What a fun Monaco-fest to start this week! I had no idea Princess Caroline and Princess Charlene’s birthdays were in the same week.

    Now on to these hats. I had to go over to the inventory of Charlene’s black hats to see if they are also without any decoration and they almost are! There are 2 that aren’t. I hadn’t thought about Charlene having this particular personal millinery style (streamlined and sleek) until raeding this post. It’s a bit plain for me but the brim shapes are so nice that they keep the hats from looking too austere. . Thanks Hat Queen!

  9. The wedding hat is my favourite too, although I like the other two brims also. The one on the back of her head I don’t care for – colour and texture look interesting, but they should have made it into more than a biscuit tin lid.

    • #3 DOES look like a biscuit tin lid!!! I love me a pillbox but that falls flat. HA!

      I’m joining in y’all with new respect for Charlene’s hat style. It’s brave and sleek and like Collins said, “so so chic”

  10. One of my favorite hats at the Cambridge Royal Wedding was Charlene’s. It was so perfect for a spring wedding – light and airy and the most beautiful shade of blue.
    She does prefer the streamlined hats, and I don’t mind the 3 other choices. She looks great in the picture hats, boaters, berets, pillboxes, but I would like to see what she does with a percher. I don’t think we’ve seen her in one yet.

    • Putting this post together, I was reminded that Princess Charlene is indeed one of the few (only?) younger royals who has not embraced the percher trend. I suppose the beret fulfills that off-to-the-side shape for her but I agree Shanon- it would be interesting to see what she’d do with one. Something like this design with PVC trim by Jane Taylor could fit Charlene’s edgier style well.
      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

      • That’s a great choice for Princess Charlene, Hat Queen. Something with an edgier material like PVC (!!) or leather/suede would suit her, with minimal embellishments. Now I have to go back and look at your weekly roundup suggestions from our talented milliners!

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