Queen Máxima Celebrates Music Education in Radio Kootwijk

Queen Máxima was in Radio Kootwijk yesterday to take part in an event for the “More Music in the Classroom” campaign which aims to provide structural music education for all primary school children in the Netherlands. The Dutch queen is the honourary chairwoman of the initiative, which is marking her upcoming 50th birthday with a special ‘50days of Music’ countdown. 

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For this event, Queen Máxima repeated her khaki green straw rounded pillbox hat trimmed with a double folded row of the same shimmering green-gold fabric as the matching dress dress.

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The ensemble’s focus is the dress’ sleeves, which are inspired by the gold stacked necklaces worn by the African Ndebele tribe. On it’s first outing, I wrote, “The gladiator vibe of the dress and all of its gold trimmings needs a simple hat to balance it…. it was likely the best choice for this dress.”  My opinion has not changed and while the colour and overall feel of this ensemble is not my favourite in Máxima’s wardrobe, the hat feels less glum to me than it did at its debut. Maybe it’s seeing the lovely folded overlap on the layered silk cuff wrap on the left side of the design?

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Designer: unknown. Dress by Claes Iversen
Previously Worn: June 12, 2019

Over at Mode Koningin Maxima, writer Josine Droogendijk has a lovely explanation about Queen Máxima’s gold crocheted gloves. 

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What are your thoughts on this pillbox on its second outing?

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14 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Celebrates Music Education in Radio Kootwijk

  1. I really want to like this ensemble, but the sleeves are so domineering!
    Hypothetical question to all the in-the-know fashionistas: What if the middle, (smaller) layer on the hat was gold, tying in her belt, shoes, purse, the whole nine yards? THAT would be something to sing about, especially at this “More Music in the Classroom” event.
    Other thoughts: Yes for the hair up, but the gloves are too much.

  2. This hat goes perfectly with a very embellished dress. I’m not a huge fan of small hats – I like a good brim or some trim, but I like this shape better than the turbans that are Max’s alternative small hat choice. Agree with others that it looks better with her hair up.

  3. I looked at my comments from its last outing and I wasn’t keen then. I don’t mind it now – perhaps it’s due to the drought we’ve had… or the light shows it as more green/khaki that bleurgh beige. I definitely think it’s because he hair is up this time and so doesn’t blend into the dress. It’s a very Máx outfit for sure.

    My only real quibble is you can see quite a bit of fabric puckering around the base of the hat.

    • Fabric puckering of this sort is usually due to the material not having been cut on the bias. Either the hat wasn’t made by a professional milliner or the milliner wasn’t provided with enough fabric to do a bias cut.

  4. I really like this hat, especially as her hair is up.
    and I’d prefef to see the hat worn as a contrast to a darker coloured outfit. It’s a no for the dress – the top drapes awkwardly, there are some fit issues and the sleeve decoration does nothing for the dress but could look better in a heavier and darker fabric – maybe a navy or charcoal.

  5. Those gloves are everything! I love them! I don’t mind the dress, and I think the hat goes very nicely with it. I was surprised it was a pillbox, as I assumed it was a circular bandeau from the front. Overall, this was a lovely choice, only enhanced by her megawatt smile.

  6. I am just so happy to see a Royal in a hat! I am so glad you found a picture of the hat from the back side, HQ. I was wishing for a good look at it from the back. I think it is an OTT ensemble that is very Maxtastic, but it isn’t my favorite color at all. The simple hat was definitely the right one for this dress. I even think that the matching material is appropriate so as to keep the attention on the dress. I also like the folds in the dress.

  7. I’m not one to critique hairstyles much, but I agree with Beth the chignon was a much better choice, along with placing the hat a bit more forward on her head compared to its premiere outing. Great jewelry and accessories, but I don’t think I’ll ever be onboard with the main color of this ensemble. Despite that fact, I still think overall this was a hit rather than a miss.

  8. I think the dress and hat go very well together. As you say, the outfit’s focus is definitely on the dress’s sleeves, but I think it works. (Except for the gloves, which create an unfortunate impression of scaly yellowness which is not at all flattering.) If one wanted to be picky, a small dash of gold on the hat would tie the outfit together, but all in all, I think it’s a good look.

  9. It’s really too bad that this isn’t a better color, like the gold or caramel shades that Max wears so well.

    Thanks for the link about the gloves, HQ. I still don’t think they are right with this ensemble, but they look lovely in the close-up, and the fact that they were a state visit gift makes them extra-special.

  10. Agree with you, HQ, that this is not Max’s best look, but I think with her hair up, instead of down, as she did on the first wearing, that the ensemble is much improved.

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