Queen & Princess Royal Mark Legion’s Centenary

Queen Elizabeth and the Princess Royal attended a service of Thanksgiving yesterday at Westminster Abbey to mark the centenary of The Royal British Legion. For the occasion, the Queen wore a new royal blue hat.

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Covered in the same brushed alpaca as her coat, the hat roughly follows a stovepipe shape with angular, sloped crown and downturned brim. The hat is trimmed with a folded hatband in the same fabric (adore the way it flares around the higher side of the crown) and a spray of blue and ivory silk flowers surrounded by navy leaves.

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The angular crown pairs so well with the sharp points on the coat’s collar and I like how the patterned brass buttons add a bit of lift, contrast and sparkle to the ensemble while linking to the yellow stamens on the hat. Yes, we’ve seen this hat shape on Her Majesty before but in this most royal of shades of blue, it’s a lovely addition to her wardrobe.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Anne repeated her deep purple felt fedora with deeply creased crown and extended brim, trimmed with a twisted bow and curling feathers on the side. The scale and colour of the hat remain so good for her, even as it remains out of balance with the supersized 70s lapels on her coat.

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Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: Dec 25, 2019Dec 30, 2018Aug 26, 2018March 16, 2018  

What do you think of this pair of jewel-toned hats yesterday in London?

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13 thoughts on “Queen & Princess Royal Mark Legion’s Centenary

  1. Love the colour & design of QE’s hat – but not the chunky fabric which makes it look too heavy – while the whole look is elevated by the combination of the buttons picking out the flowers and the gorgeous brooch picking out the blue.

    Also love purple on PA but agree with HQ that the shape of the hat is out of balance with the size of the lapels (and pocket flaps) which could easily be remedied by the width/depth of both being reduced.

  2. HM looks fantastic in the beautiful blue hat, and Anne’s purple fedora is also wonderful. Considering the fact that the 95 year Queen has been out and about at least five times in the last 2 weeks alone, (including going back to church this past Sunday wearing her maroon ensemble – Rex) anyone should be using a cane, especially on the old cobble stones and uneven paths. It’s just great seeing her working and enjoying herself.

  3. Lovely to see HM out in this lovely shade of blue, although annoyed at all the weird commentary about her use of a walking stick. Anyhow, I think it’s a great hat overall, but I do find using the coat’s fabric on the hat makes it feel extra heavy and thick, whereas a velour felt would look more refined. And I feel like the flowers are a bit messy unfortunately, but I do love those blue leaves! Despite my hesitancy with some of the details, this remains a great look for HM.

    Nice to see Anne out with HM and in a hat again after multiple appearances sans hat. The purple compliments the blue perfectly!

  4. Love this well coordinated pair of hats. And so fab to see them out together, there was a really touching gesture as they got out of the car and Anne made her mother walk with her stick.

    HM’s hat is lovely – at first I did think it’s the same design we’ve now seen many times, but in this lovely colour and texture it just works so well. A real winner this outfit and I hope we get to see it a lot more. As she has had way fewer engagements (due to the pandemic, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t continue), a lot more of her outfits only seem to get seen once, which does feel like a shame.

    Anne’s purple is as lovely as ever, and enables her to look like the support to her Mum.

  5. QEII looks wonderful. Lovely shade of blue.

    As for Anne she’s ahead of the game – 70s fashions are on their way back so here’s hoping to a deep dive into the back of her wardrobe. She’s one of the few people that can make me think a fedora looks good away from a racecourse.

  6. Two wonderful hats today! It’s always a joy to see The Queen smiling in a new hat. This one has a great color and shape and she looks resplendent.
    Princess Anne looks wonderful. The color is lovely and that fedora style is really sharp on her.

  7. Even though the design isn’t new, it’s a good one for HM, especially in the vibrant color. Great look all around! Love how the coat shows off that splendid brooch.

    • MittenMary, I read elsewhere that that’s a Romanov brooch. It reminded me of a book I recently read by Gill Paul called “The Secret Wife.” She writes really interesting historical fiction, blending the present with the past, and she’ll incorporate a Royal figure in her stories. This book is about Grand Duchess Tatiana, and I’m also reading “Another Woman’s Husband” that blends Wallis Simpson with Princess Diana in Paris in 1997. It’s an interesting series if you are looking for something new to read.

      • Shanon, I think you are right about the brooch. I never have to look for something new to read because books just find me! I will watch for The Secret Wife. On the topic on Wallis Simpson, she apparently makes an appearance in the new Rhys Bowen Lady Georgie book, God Rest, Ye Merry Gentleman. Those are always fun.

      • Queen Elizabeth inherited the brooch from her grandmother, Queen Mary. Queen Mary had received the brooch as a wedding present from Russian Empress Marie Feodorovna, the (formerly) Danish sister of Queen Alexandra, wife of Edward VII, who was the father-in-law of Queen Mary. (So I guess you could call it “family jewelry.”)
        I kept thinking this new hat for Queen Elizabeth must be a repeat since it’s so similar to several recent ones in style and in color, but it’s definitely new and looks lovely.

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