Dutch State Visit to Norway Day 2

The Dutch monarchs continued the second day of their state visit to Norway with a program of events including a seminar on human rights, a visit with the Prime Minister, lunch at Akershus Castle and a reception aboard Dutch navy ship in Oslo harbor.

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For these events, Queen Máxima repeated her navy smocked silk crepe and georgette organza calot headpiece embroidered with narrow metal bugle beads.

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This ensemble is such a great sartorial flat for the House of Orange, the small scale headpiece balancing well against the strong looks of the dress and coat. I’ve said it before- while the calot shape is not my favourite, it serves good purpose for events like these, especially when the host queen elects not to wear a hat!

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Designer: likely Jan Taminau
Previously Worn: Mar 5, 2019; Feb 8, 2018Apr 27, 2017

Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore a navy embellished hair ornament worn to tie back her hair.

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5 thoughts on “Dutch State Visit to Norway Day 2

  1. The placement of this hat is so far back there’s almost no point. I still like the whole outfit but I think this time she could have left the hat off.

    There’s a lot of recycling on this trip – which is good, but Máx normally goes big with a new look for tours, or at least the start of them. But good to see her getting good use of fantastic clothes, she’s got a long way to go to catch up with Margrethe though!!

  2. The problem with this outing of the calot is that it’s placed so far back & down against a flat-ish hairstyle that it looks like an over-sized hairslide which makes it almost invisible from the front. I much prefer the previous appearances as shown in the links where she, successfully, combines it with a more spherical hairstyle, finished with a low bun.

    The overall design of the look and, especially, the fabric and sophisticated mix of colours combine to make it very elegant.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of this hat, but for this outing it works perfectly considering no other hats were worn (a bit disappointing, but not surprising). Still a stunner of an outfit, but I keep hoping and praying to the hat gods a navy blue or orange slice hat will one day show up with this ensemble!

  4. I can’t say this is my cup of tea at all, because I can’t see the point of it. It reminds me of a sampler to check a sewing machine’s stitch tension and I say that as I have one in my sewing machine that looks just like this!

  5. This is a hat disguised as not wearing a hat with the very busy outfit. The small, colour matched price worn behind is perfect for this occasion.

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