Remembrance Day

The Duchess of Cornwall attended the 93rd Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey this morning.

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For this occasion, she repeated her black wool hat with slouchy crown and faux fur brim.

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I have been critical of this hat in the past but have come around to it for its practicality and durability. It looks as good as it did 17 outings ago and undoubtedly, is warm and comfortable. In the end, isn’t that what a winter hat is supposed to be?!

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Designer: Lock & Co. “Natalia” design in black
Previously Worn: Dec 7, 2020; Nov 15, 2020; Feb 11, 2020; Jan 27, 2019; Dec 14, 2017Mar 18, 2017; Feb 27, 2017;  Dec 16, 2017;  Nov 28, 2016Mar 16, 2016Mar 18, 2015; Mar 13, 2015Dec 10, 2013Feb 7, 2012;  Feb 6, 2012Jan 27, 2012

The Duke and Duchess Duchess of Gloucester attended a Service of Remembrance today at the National Memorial Arboretum. The duke wore a smart black felt bowler hat while the duchess wore a new black felt angled beret with spray of black feathers.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

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10 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. I think both Duchesses look fab in their hats – their hair colours really suit these dark hats. They wouldn’t look as good against Queen Silvia’s dark colouring for instance. I simply love Camilla’s whole look. The dress is gorgeous and such a lush colour, and she looks go good in knee length boots.

  2. May I also say that I don’t care for the flat, cartoon-like poppies. During my childhood, crepe paper poppies were sold by disabled war vets and they looked a lot more like actual poppies.

  3. I’ll swim against the current here and say that I love Camilla’s hat. The horizontal bands (folds?) on the crown complement the piping on the coat.

  4. The Duchess of Gloucester gets my vote for the best hat of the day — a shape that suits her well, and also echoes the berets worn by various branches of the military. And I do agree with Jake that the Duke’s hat seems to be sitting a bit too high on his head. As for Camilla’s, not one of my favorites, but she clearly loves it, and it has held up well over the years. Can anyone tell me anything about the symbol attached to her poppy? Is it the emblem of the particular military unit that was there at the ceremony?

  5. Both Duchesses look perfectly appropriate and somber for these events as is proper.

    Everyone needs a go-to comfy hat and Camilla has hers. I’m do not like the coat which adds negatively my indifference to the hat.

    The Duchess of Gloucester is giving us a master class in style with her beret and it’s delightful pom pom. She looks superb. Well done, once again Brigitte.

  6. As someone who, if he finds an item of clothing which looks good & fits well tends to buy all available colours, I can understand why Camilla owns so many of this style of hat and uses them so frequently. Looking back through the links (all show a black version), she seems to favour pairing it/them with certain outfits and for occasions with a military connection.

    Personally, I like it in all its appearances since it looks dressy (the shape, faux-fur trim & placement) while slightly softening the formality of the rest of the look (rather similar to Camilla herself: formal but approachable). For the event discussed here, the horizontal “wrinkles” around the crown are echoed by the piping/pleating along the front & rear of her coat and the faux-fur provides an additional contrasting texture with her other black accessories (leather gloves & suede boots).

    The DoG’s new beret is gorgeous and suits her perfectly.

  7. I’m still in camp No for Camilla’s Paddington hats, I bet they’re lovely and comfy and warm, but a plain black felt hat would fill this slot in her wardrobe better. Still, with multiple versions and 17 wears later, I may as well stop moaning!

    At the other end – Brigitte has a new hat and it’s a smasher. Better get used to this one too, as she’s a lady who gets her money’s worth from her wardrobe!

    Aesthetics aside, both respectful and appropriate outfits from two dignified ladies paying respects on this important day.

  8. I’ve not always been this hat’s biggest fan, but I too have come to appreciate it more over the years. The amount of times we’ve seen her wear this one (and probably more we haven’t) is a testament to its quality (being Lock & Co. though there was little doubt). While it isn’t the most formal of hats, it can go from casual to formal fairly easily; additionally, Camilla has it at a great jaunty angle during this outing. Finally, considering how few hats are being worn by royals these days (including *cough* Sophie *cough* today), I will take it!

    The Duke of Gloucester’s bowler is either sitting too high or is a bit too small unfortunately, because otherwise it’s a great style of hat for him. Of course the real winner of this group is the Duchess of Gloucester in her new hat. Structured berets always suit her, and the feather trim keeps it interesting while also remaining appropriate for somber occasions. Brava!

  9. I hope Camilla retires the hat soon, I shall never come round to liking it. I imagine it’s nice and warm on a cold November day but it looks far too casual and more suited to a day at the races.

    The Duchess of Gloucester’s hat is another matter – it’s absolutely gorgeous and so glad to see it here. I loved it as soon as I saw it earlier.

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