Birthday of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

Royal Hats Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg celebrated her 59th birthday yesterday. As we surround her in good wishes, let’s suggest a past has we would like to see her repeat in the coming year.

Looking back through the Grand Duchess’ millinery, there is such diversity- percher hats, picture hats with dramatic brims, cloches, pillboxes, and many bold statement pieces. While I adore Maria Teresa’s brave and plucky approach to hat wearing, I would love to see her repeat a classic picture hat with simple lines, similar to the black straw hat seen below. This ensemble – a simple but perfectly tailored dress and jacket topped with a large, classic hat – is my picture of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa at her very best. I’m curious of your picture for her- what hat would you like to see the Grand Duchess repeat in the coming year?

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa at the April 15, 2005 funeral of Prince Rainier of Monaco

Photo from Pool BENAINOUS/LEGRAND via Getty 

28 thoughts on “Birthday of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

  1. Love the dress and jacket in HatQueen’s suggestion but the hat is too big for her. Those of us who are similarily height challenged know that big brims never work on shorter people.

    A percher or pillbox for the Grand Duchess please!

    • Janae I’m short too, but I do wear brimmed hats. As long as the brims aren’t excessively wide, and the crowns aren’t too tall, and the trim is kept simple, I think they can work. The Grand Duchess has worn some great brimmed hats, and while I agree with HatQueen that this black hat is lovely, but as you put it, Janae, it does look too big for her in my opinion.

  2. I love the hat she wore for National Day in 2012 and would like to see her wear it again.

    Are there any hat events coming up in Luxembourg?

  3. Happy birthday Grand Duchess! I’ll second the vote for the green & pink picture hat from Princess Amalia’s christening. I think M-T looks best in hats with a brim.

  4. I love the diversity in the Grand Duchess’ hat choices, as well as her generosity to lend out her wardrobe. My favorite hat on her is her coral Fabienne Delvigne toque headpiece at her son’s wedding. It compliments her skin and hair tones and lets her lovely face be the star.

    Sometimes her adventuresome spirit doesn’t translate well. I don’t know who made it, but that didn’t do her any favors with the lime green thing she wore for Luxembourg National Day, June 23, 2006

  5. She always looks fun doesn’t she. I rather like the look of MT. She has to watch what she wears though, being on the shorter side, and with curves. Some of her hats are a bit too big and swamp her. I like her in the smaller numbers, that green number is perfect I think.

  6. She is one of my favorite Royal ladies, and I like almost anything she wears, although I am partial to the big picture hats.

  7. Her best hat in YEARS was the green percher Philip Treacy she wore last year. Can’t remember when but it was fabulous on her. She should wear green much more often

    MT is not tall and needs tall hats to give her height. Big brims weigh her down.

    • I think MT looks great in bright pink! One of my favs is her hat from Felix & Claire’s wedding. She looked super cute!

    • Nobody wears bright pink as well at the Grand Duchess (maybe except for Queen Maxima). I just love it when hats perfectly match the oufit. It looks so much more regale and polished.

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