Hat From The Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1924 which saw a young The Prince of Wales (later Edwad VIII and still later, Duke of Windsor) in a newsboy cap while touring Canada.

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9 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

  1. I love this hat style. It looks fabulous in real life, I wish more more men would adopt it.
    How fashion has changed! It makes me smile to think that this outfit would have been considered “leisure sportswear” i.e suitable for playing deck quoits. It’s interesting to note that while the suit is now passe, a man could wear this hat with modern clothes on a winter cruise today, and look very stylish and on trend.

  2. I think it must have been on this royal tour of Canada that my grandfather, who had been in the Royal Flying Corps during the war, was deputed together with another ex-serviceman, to drive the Prince of Wales around when he was staying locally. I think he found him charming. I also think he (my grandfather) was very typical in feeling a personal sense of betrayal at the abdication. My mother remembers him saying that millions of men had followed their duty in the War, and yet the Prince wasn’t willing to make sacrifices to fulfill his duty.

  3. Edward looks great! I am currently reading “The Royal Nanny” about Charlotte Bill the nanny to Edward and his siblings. This is a picture which brings that time period to life.

  4. Chuck:
    I just finished “Smoke and Mirrors,” episode 5 when HM is crowned in Westminster Abbey, with television cameras for all to see.
    Being entirely too young to know what King Edward VIII was like, I personally can’t comment intelligently.
    However, I’d like to know WHERE these episodes were filmed – very impressive locations/sets!
    PS My Wrigley-ville nephew is still walking on Cloud 9!

    • I’ve made it through the full Season 1. Very well done on the whole! The cathedral scenes were in Ely Cathedral, not Westminster. Not sure about the interior scenes of the various royal palaces. But, as you say, very impressive.

      To your PS – Wow! What a thrilling week we had. So very exciting and still pinching myself that it actually happened. Go Cubs Go!

  5. A royal man in a hat! Hooray! So, my friendly hat aficionados, what do people think about the portrayal of King Edward VIII/Duke of Windsor in Crown? This portrayal is one of my favorite I’ve seen – looks, mannerism, etc. seems pretty spot on to me.

    • I agree- the portrayal is very well done. I’m less pleased, however, about the implied strong relationship between him and a young Queen Elizabeth. That fabrication feels completely far fetched to me.

      • Yes, I’d be suspect of that much of a relationship between the Duke of Windsor and Queen Elizabeth. But poetic license I guess. I’m also not that keen on the portrayal of the Queen Mother. I realize she wasn’t that happy about Prince Philip but they make her out to be scheming while at the same time sort of milquetoast. Lastly, I’ve rarely seen a photo of Winston Churchill in a top hat, he seemed to favor other styles of hats. But they portray him wearing a top hat multiple times in the episodes (trying to keep us on the hat topic!)

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