Queen Catches Weekend Races at Ascot

Queen Elizabeth II attended the QIPCO British Champions Day at Ascot Racecourse on Saturday She appeared to be all smiles in her repeated blue and grey felt hat with stepped crown, upswept brim, multi looped felt bow and spray of blue and copper feathers.

Embed from Getty Images

She shape and scale oft his piece remains a great one on Her Majesty and the colour, while less saturated than many other blues we see her wear, is lovely, too. I’m still waiting for a peek of the ensemble’s dress (obscured completely again by her double breasted coat) to see how those copper feathers coordinate but even without this, it remains a great design for the Queen.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Nov 16, 2017
Thought about this hat, seeing it for a second time today?
Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Queen Catches Weekend Races at Ascot

  1. Not my favorite hat ever for HM, but still a wonderful one. I like the orange feathers to bring a little extra color this hat and coat.

  2. Saturday was a lovely sunny day here, and showed this beautiful colour to perfection. The splash of orange feathers lifts it subtly but effectively. I still have a couple of tailoring quibbles in the coat (the collar covers the top buttons and it does rather wrinkle in movement) which is not usual for Stuart Pravin, but they are nitpicks for it’s a great look on HM and good to see it again.

    She’s having a good run of repeats since her return from Balmoral, I reckon we’ll see another one today. My money is on the orange we saw at Balmoral (perhaps too literal for the Dutch visit?!) or the fuchsia worn on Ladies Day.

  3. I love this Wedgwood Blue color on HM, known also as Williamsburg Blue to us Yanks. As blue is my favorite color, I’m delighted since HM has been wearing a lot of it lately.
    HQ, I do believe that Queen Elizabeth, the oldest reigning monarch, is also the most active reigning monarch on the planet. No cane, walker, assistant, or aide is needed for her as she goes about her duties. Today’s youth has a lot to learn.

    • Interestingly, Jimbo, there is a portable handrail that appeared today to assist her getting in and out of the carriage- something, I understand, is awkward for even the young and very fit royals.

  4. Very nice outfit. When last worn, the coat looked unpressed and somewhat unkempt. Saturday it looked perfect. The hat continues to impress.

  5. I wasn’t sure about the orange feathers when the hat made its debut last year, but now I think they are just right. Beautiful repeat.

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