Favourite New Royal Hat: November & December 2018

We have come to the last of 2018’s semi final polls, this time focusing on new hats that made their debut over the past two months. November and December saw a number of lovely new hats,, eleven of which were met with particular praise. We return to this jewel-toned group, which includes fedora, pillbox, bumper, percher, toque, pyramid, bandeau and face-hugger shapes, to choose a favourite. The winner of this poll will join 2018’s other semi-finalists in a final face-off for Readers’ Favourite New Royal Hat of 2018.

Please click on the date in caption to link back to original feature posts with additional views, information and discussion on each hat. Here are these eleven hats, shown in the order they were worn:
1.    2.    
Queen Margrethe’s domed plaid hat with striped hatband and sideswept brim worn Nov 11
Queen Silvia’s teal felt percher with grey feathers & veil by Kerstin Carlefalk worn Nov 14

3.    4.      
Princess Charlene’s black felt pyramid saucer by Gallia & Peter worn for National Day on Nov 19
Beatrice Casiraghi’s chocolate velvet and soaring black quill Philip Treacy headpiece worn Nov 19
5.    6.    
Queen Mathilde’s cranberry felt wide-brimmed fedora with folded hatbands by Fabienne Delvigne worn Nov 23 
Crown Princess Mary’s violet pink rounded pillbox worn in Latvia on Dec 6
7.    8.     
Queen Máxima’s saffron yellow and navy printed silk draped toque hat worn Dec 7
Crown Princess Masako’s beaded midnight blue velvet bumper hat worn Dec 23
9.   10.   11.
Duchess of Cambridge’s scarlet velvet kokoshnik bandeau headpiece by Jane Taylor worn Dec 25
Duchess of Sussex’s black felt beret percher with crin bow & blue feathers by Awon Golding worn Dec 25
Autumn Phillips’ emerald felt crescent-formed percher with bow by Sally Anne Provan worn Dec 25
This poll will remain open until next Friday, January 11, at midnight GMT. As in the past, each computer or mobile device can vote twice per day for as many hats as you wish. Happy voting!

5 thoughts on “Favourite New Royal Hat: November & December 2018

  1. I found it very difficult this year as there were five that to me were fabulous.
    I loved Autumn Phillips emerald green beret, and then the Black Beret with navy trim worn by the Princess of Sussex suited her and what she was wearing. The bandeau worn by the Duchess of Cambridge was fabulous, the colour and design looked great on her. The two pill boxes worn by Crown princess Mary and Queen Máxima were also stunning.
    But I gave my vote to the Princess of Sussex as she is new to hat wearing and her choice was lovely, the style and colour suited her very well for the occasion.

  2. Queen Sylvia was my choice, this is a colour I am not used to seeing on her and the placement is not too far back as we are used of her. I would wear Autumn’s hat if I could, if only….

  3. Just reviewed the favorites of the year so far and I’ve realized that Autumn Phillips has really emerged as a royal hat-wearer in 2018!

  4. I surprised myself, but I’m drawn to Queen Margrethe’s hat when looking at this list. I guess in a sea of solid colors, it’s just fun and original!

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