Top Royal Hats: July & August 2019

Results for favourite new and favourite repeated hats worn in July and August are in, dearest readers, and while I heartily agree with your choices, the winners took me a little by surprise:

Princess Tsuguko’s cream hat with graphic divided black crown and trim worn on August 10

Crown Princess Victoria’s headpiece of folded lilac ribbon flowers by Örjan Jackobsson worn August 31 

I think this is the first time we’ve seen these two princesses’ millinery designs win these polls, something which fills me with great excitement! Jump over to the poll for favourite new hat here and the repeated hat poll here to see the results in greater detail.  
Photos from News 24 and  Örjan Jackobsson

2 thoughts on “Top Royal Hats: July & August 2019

  1. These are both excellent winners, and I wonder if the reason they won was specifically because they were unusual and interesting designs for these particular wearers. It is always wonderful to see the younger royals venture into new territory.

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