Inventory: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s Purple Hats

Today, the Luxembourg royal family celebrates 20 years since Grand Duke Henri’s accession to the Grand Ducal throne. To celebrate this milestone, we’re diving into Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s closet  to look at her purple hats:

1.  2.   
Designer: unknown; Fabienne Delvigne
Introduced: June 23, 2001; April 15, 2010 

3. 4. 5.
Designer: unknown; Philip Treacy; Philip Treacy
Introduced: March 21, 2012; June 23, 2013; June 23, 2018

For one who wears just two or three hats a year, this is an eclectic mix! Maria Teresa doesn’t shy away from dramatic shapes and while I appreciate the creativity of #2 and the bold statement of #4, I wonder if they don’t overwhelm a little.

Which purple hats in the Grand Duchess’ hat closet are your favourites?

Photos from Reuter Raymond/Sygma, Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty; Corbis; Corbis; Catholic Church of Luxembourg

13 thoughts on “Inventory: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s Purple Hats

  1. Hat N°3 gets my vote. The saturated colour gives it that extra bit of punch. The size and shape look really good – unlike the other hats on display!

  2. I vote for # 5, but only because of the scale.
    I am not a big bandeau fan, but we’ve seen MT in a few, which suit her far better than hats, such as the ones shown here today.

  3. #1 look is sassy, particularly with the expression on her face. #2 Is a hot mess. #3 is too big and boring. #4 might work on Máxima, but wow, not M-T’s look. #5 gets the balance right, even though it’s not exciting.

  4. I feel for M-T; she obviously leans towards the flamboyant in dress, but doesn’t quite have the build to carry it off. A short friend of mine complains it is all too easy to look like she’s wading through the ground instead of gliding over it! I love the idea of hat no 4, but it is too much. My favourite is no 3, for the lovely saturated colour.

  5. I vote for #5. The color looks good with her hair. The airy curly cues gift it some height, but don’t overwhelm her. I also LOVE the color of #3. It looks fanatastic on her.

  6. I agree, scale is paramount for a petite person. 1 to 4 are all too large, whereas 5 is the opposite — too small. 4 would be fabulous if it were about 8cm shorter, and worn with hair swept across the forehead to the left ear. (Also minus the shawl collar). Letizia in 2013 shows how to wear this look:
    Embed from Getty Images

    • It’s funny how subjective fashion is! While this appealed to many, I never liked the completely vertical placement of this saucer hat. To me, it always looked like a giant earmuff! Any hat brim in line with the chin just looks off to me.

      • This style has always been rather out there, where millinery trends are concerned, and I suspect it will not date well. Perhaps in 10 years’ time I’ll revisit the style, and decide it was too faddish. But then I’ve always liked — and still like! Princess Beatrice’s Treacy hat she wore to Kate and Will’s wedding…. so you never know ;).

  7. Your point about her being overwhelmed is spot on. M-T is an attractive woman but not the most statuesque, and so large hats can swamp her a bit. 3 and 5 look lovely on her, the others are just a bit too big alas.

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