Queen Máxima On The Move With Sideswept Hats

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima visited the municipalities of Deventer, Raalte and Olst-Wijhe yesterday for a day of events themed around collaboration.

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For these visits, Queen Máxima wore a new hat in burgundy sinamay with a sidesweeping brim and double layered hatband tied in a side bow..

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The colour is lovely and pairs well with her printed green dress (who knew leaf green and burgundy could work so well together!). However, there are visible construction issues with the brim’s finished edge, which is horribly wobbly. That’s not an issue of material but, unfortunately, one of very poor technique and completely ruins what could have been beautifully sweeping lines on the hat.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Natan.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Today, Queen Máxima opened the House of Culture and Administration of the municipality of Midden-Groningen in Hoogezand.

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For this event, she repeated a warm brown straw picture hat with high upswept slice brim. The hat is simply trimmed with a Petersham ribbon hatband tied in a loose bow at the side.

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The brim edge here is not perfect but looks much better than the first hat. That’s because of the bias brim- if you look closely at the brims of the two hats, the weave of the straw on the brown hat is in an x shape around the face, as opposed to a + shape on the burgundy hat. The brown hat is likely blocked from a parasisal capeline (see one here) which is woven in concentric circles and as such, places all points around the brim on the bias. Because woven materials stretch on the bias, it’s then possible to block the brim into a super smooth surface.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Zeus + Dione
Previously Worn: Jul 7, 2021;  Jul 2, 2019;  May 25, 2018;  Feb 18, 2017; Nov 28, 2016Nov 1, 2016; Sep 14, 2016; Jun 2, 2016; Apr 21, 2016Mar 10, 2016
Comparison pairings with other outfits: see here

Thoughts about these two hats?

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11 thoughts on “Queen Máxima On The Move With Sideswept Hats

  1. Just a note- I calmly asked for the term “proper” hats not to be used any more because it demeans the craft and skill that goes into handmade headpieces and as such, is disrespectful to the milliners who make them. Two comments including this term were deleted, as will future comments that persist with this.

    • Hat Queen, I must be one of the culprits in question since my comment has disappeared. I apologize for that, but to be perfectly honest:
      1. I don’t recall ever reading your request in the past, and I never miss your posts. Old age is no longer creeping in, but galloping toward me. Sorry.
      2. I actually thought the term in question was used legitimately, similar to a “proper English breakfast.”

  2. Heavens – I meant a lot from you! I really hadn’t noticed the poor execution, just thought it was an organic shape. I can see the issues now, but actually worn with a loose and flowing dress it doesn’t bother me too much.and her trusty brown hat pulls another look out – and another winner.
    Máxima certainly gets good cost per wear!

  3. I really love the colour combination of the first outfit, and I very much like the overall shape (the diagonal angle of the rising brim) of the hat, although as you say, the construction is poor. I really prefer that shape to the more dramatic upsweep of the brown hat, but the better constructed brown hat and its outfit are a decent combination. As always, delighted to see Maxima wearing such positive hat statements, and playing to her ability to pull off something on a large scale.

  4. I love the combination of green and burgundy, but so sad for the poor workmanship on the hat! I thought the bow looked a bit messy, also.

    About the earrings, Jake, it has been reported they cost 11,000 Euros! For that price they should liven up the outfit! The combination of brown hat with brown and turquoise dress was good, though the overall look was kinda blergh IMHO.

  5. I did think the crown size of the wine-burgundy hat seemed a bit off, but it was hardly distracting compared to what happened with the brim! This has to be an intentional design and I think it fits in precisely with Delvigne’s other flowing organic stylings, but it does this hat no favors unfortunately. It’s a real shame because with a refined brim, this would be an absolutely stellar look for Máxima. The green and burgundy is an unusual color combo (although I have tried it at least once and follow someone else on IG who has also worn it), but leave it to Máxima to be one of the only royals to actually wear it, and every piece of her outfit looks so good on her (except for the hat brim). Let’s hope our constructive criticisms are heard and lead to an improved future outing (like it seemed to be with her teal velour felt slice hat).

    It’s amazing how this bronze hat has never had a repeated outfit! This wouldn’t be my favorite pairing, but it’s still quite nice and the earrings help liven up this more muted look.

  6. The first hat appears as grape to me. The brim does appear wobbly. The brown seems to be heavier and holds its shape. Overall I would like to see the first hat in a heavier material which may improve the colour.

  7. Hat Queen, you’ve nailed it. Your technical description is just right and the photo’s taken against the light show it perfectly. They also show that the crown of the brown hat is sitting a bit high on the head: either it is too small or the hair updo is preventing it from descending on the head correctly. Either way there is a fitting problem here.
    Also, the brown hat would have had a neater finish with a separate brim binding. You can’t do a turned over edge on a brim that is not blocked on the bias.
    Parasisal hoods and capelines are hand woven, like Panama’s, and becoming increasingly difficult to find (and therefore more expensive), especially the tight woven good quality ones. (Sigh!)

    By the way, I love the pleats in the green dress!

    • Sorry, I meant: the crown of the burgundy hat, not the brown hat! (First picture of sixth series) And same with brim binding: I meant on the burgundy hat.
      Got my colours mixed up late last night!

      The warm brown parasisal hat is lovely and with Q. Máxima’s hair down, there are no fitting issues.

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