Sunday Church at Sandringham

Queen Elizabeth attended Sunday service yesterday at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham estate, joined by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Queen repeated her camel felt cloche with square crown, trimmed with a bound brim and knotted hatband in a slightly deeper shade of caramel than the hat and coat.

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Brown is not my favourite colour on Her Majesty but there’s a lovely warmth of hue and sheen to this ensemble, along with some seriously great proportions and restrained trim on the hat, that just makes it work. For a chapeau that has been in rotation for 14 years, I think this one is looking pretty good.

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Designer: Philip Somerville
Previously Worn: Jan 22, 2017Feb 4, 2015Apr 12, 2006Mar 7, 2006Dec 25, 2005

The Duchess of Cambridge topped her blue coat with a matching pleated bandeau headpiece in diamond printed crepe with ruffled bow at the back. The detail on this piece is really good and not only sets this design apart from the other similarly bandeaus Kate has worn over the past year, but contrasts textually against the coat. It’s a coordinated look, for certain, but I don’t think it’s in ‘matchy-matchy’ territory.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. Coat by Catherine Walker.
Previously Worn: this headpiece is new
Thoughts about these two hats in Norfolk yesterday?
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12 thoughts on “Sunday Church at Sandringham

  1. HM’s hat is a wonderful design — I really love the texture, and the way the angle of the bow coordinates with the angle of the crown (visible in an earlier wearing when seen front on, Feb 4 2015) — too bad about the colour.
    Duchess Catherine’s bandeau is beautifully made, and would look wonderful with Princess Madeleine’s or Princess Sofia of Sweden’s dainty romantic features, or Princess Mette-Marit’s classically balanced Grace-Kelly-style features. However I agree that this style is unflattering to Catherine; it’s too constricting and flattening a shape for her, and the result is unnecessarily severe and actually makes her look over-tall. I feel she looks her best with a hat with more drama, that adds height or width — especially with sweeping diagonals, or asymmetry.

  2. I don’t find the colour or style of this headband very attractive on Catherine. However, I am sympathetic to the need for a head covering that does not need formal hair dressing especially for this essentially private occasion. I think that a simple felt beret in a coordinating colour would be a less expensive and more attractive option. It would also provide some balance to her otherwise long, lean look. Such berets are widely available in a multitude of colours for about GBP20 but of course they do have a “stalk” that offends some.

  3. This color can wash HM out a bit, but the wonderful design of the hat and the addition of black accessories help make this a winner. Excellent choice for Epiphany services in the country.

    These blues are wonderful for Kate and the bandeau headpiece is nice for a simple church outing. While I think bandeau headpieces have their place, I hope they don’t start replacing other hat styles too much. Also, this would’ve been a good opportunity to repeat this hat ( (although I admit the blues might be too off), or this hat ( to go with her other navy accessories.

    • Both of these are excellent choices, Jake, although it’s hard to know which blues work together by the photos. They are also good examples of why we don’t want bandeaus replacing her other hats.

  4. The first time QEII wore this coat, it was with a different hat, a fur hat with a kind of turban base (note fur on the cuffs of the coat). The event was something to do with the late Queen Mother – unveiling a statue or something. The style of both the coat and hat are so NOT in the usual style and color of the Queen, but exactly the style of the Queen Mother, that I wondered if it was chosen by the Queen as a tribute to her mother.

    In fact the style of the coat is so exactly like something her mother would wear, right down to the fawn color, which she would wear frequently, but the Queen usually does not, that I have wondered if it was an outfit previously worn by the Queen Mother, made over for the Queen. Though she now wears a different hat with it, she has worn the coat several times, and I wonder if it is a sentimental favorite for that reason.

  5. Our HQ has previously commented, and I think she is right, that the raised kokoshnik style is not completely flattering to oval faces such as the Duchess’s. She looks better in this flatter type of bandeau, although we would have to see a full face shot to confirm that. Anyway, it’s a gorgeous color and well-designed. I just hope she doesn’t make this her default style now that she has emerged as an elegant hat-wearer.

    As for HM, what everyone else says! It’s a timeless, elegant look, but the color does nothing for her.

  6. That camel outfit of HM’s is one of her best ever. Just so luxurious and chic. I can see why she hasn’t tired of it, I haven’t either.

    And Kate in yet another headband! I’m not a huge fan of these but I don’t mind this one. I love the coat (and good to see it’s been trimmed down for non maternity use, I trust other maternity outfits will be too) and this headband is a good match. The detailed gives it a bit of interest and means it’s not just yet another of the ginormous Alice bands she’s gotten so into this year.

  7. I think both are spot-on to both wearers and occasion, and will both continue to be serviceable for a long time.

    The detail on the side of Kate’s headband elevates it just enough. I might have lamented the lack of a “real” hat if this were Christmas, Easter, or an official appearance, but for an ordinary Sunday it’s perfect.

  8. The Queen’s hat is a nice part of a beautifully coordinated winter outfit.
    As for Duchess Kate, I am a fan of her headbands because to me they have a crown like aspect which is quite appropriate for a future Queen. They are also something fairly unique to Kate; I haven’t seen too many others taking up this fashion. Thirdly, they are a young look, which works well now, but remains to be seen for how long it will work. From Kate’s point of view I can imagine an appeal in being able to dispense with the services of a hairdresser on (semi)private occasions, just pulling her hair back from her face with one of these bandeaus.

  9. I really like the Queen’s hat, as you comment I think it has stood the test of time well.

    As a headband, I think Kate’s is an interesting and well-crafted look, and it suits this occasion. However, I do hope it doesn’t augur too many other headband-type pieces in 2019. The ones Kate wore previously in 2018 were more substantial and real “hat substitutes”, and the one she wore on Christmas day is actually a favourite of mine. This is more of a token, I feel, and if Kate produces more of those in the months to come, I will think it a shame, as there are too few opportunities to see lovely hats as it is!

  10. I like the way Catherine is wearing this piece, with her hair pulled through. It has the appearance of a pillbox from the front, which I prefer to the kokoshnik styled bandeaux.
    I also like this ensemble on HM. Like you, I prefer her in brighter colours, but I like the fabric mixture.

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