Catching Up Danish Hats…Again!

We have another handful of hats to catch up on in Denmark!

May 18: Princess Benedikte repeated her navy textured straw hat with wide, upturned brim for the first of a two-day visit to the German island of Sylt. While not visible here, I think the hat is still trimmed with a large grey silk flower, which would link well with the floral skirt in this ensemble.

Designer: unknown. My guess is Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: April 7, 2014; June 26, 2013; July 26, 2012; October 12, 2011

May 19: For the second day of the visit to Sylt, Princess Benedikte repeated her blue raffia with the same additional colourful hatband as she wore to Flensburg on May 17.

Designer: unknown.
Previously Worn: May 17, 2022 Sep 26, 2020

May 20: Queen Margrethe welcomed Princess Beatrix yesterday to celebrate the the 500th anniversary of the Dutch immigration to Store Magleby in Dragør Municipality. For this event, she repeated her her apricot straw hat with navy hatband.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer:  Mathilde Førster
Previously Worn: Sep 6, 2021; June 30, 2021; June 17, 2020; Sep 3, 2019; Jul 26, 2019Jun 27, 2019Jun 25, 2019 

Princess Beatrix repeated a black straw bumper hat.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer:Likely Suzanne Moulijn. Outfit by Sheila de Vries
Previously Worn: Feb 26, 2022; Jan 29, 2020; Sep 21, 2019; Sep 13, 2018; Dec 10, 2013; Nov 8, 2013Jan 25, 2013

And finally, today Queen Margrethe visited Tivoli amusement park and pleasure garden to mark the 50th anniversary of her accession, a celebration put on hold until now because of the pandemic. She repeated her pink beret with with side twist trim, taking it for a spin on a roller coaster. I think that might be a first for a royal hat!

Embed from Getty Images

Designer:  Mathilde Førster
Previously Worn:  Aug 29, 2021;  May 15, 2021

I’m afraid to say it but… dare I hope we’re back to royal hatted events, as they were pre-pandemic? It’s certainly nice to see events happening again. What do you think of these hats?

Images from Getty and social media as indicated  

7 thoughts on “Catching Up Danish Hats…Again!

  1. It’s a special treat to see the two queens together, both in their signature styles. The apricot with navy remains one of my favorites of Margrethe’s, even though we’ve seen it quite a lot. I guess that’s a sign of a good design! Same with the watermelon pink beret.

    Funny to see Denmark sisters both in blue and orange ensembles, though in very different shades, just a day apart.

    Benedikte’s blue hat with jacket and floral skirt look just right for a day that included a beach appearance. Like Jake, I want to join her!

  2. They look like they’re having a blast! Benedikte elegant as per; Margrethe looks like she had a fabulous day with Beatrix and the roller coaster pics are just the best!

  3. The German Friesian Island is called “Sylt”. Or “Sild” in Danish. There might be herrings involved as well, but not so much in the name of the island.

  4. Another delightful look at the Danish and Dutch Royal ladies.

    Princess Benedikte’s navy straw hat with the upturned brim is my favourite (predictably) with the teal blue raffia a close second.

  5. A lovely set of hats, including the lady behind Margrethe and Beatrix, who popped in from the 1920’s in a pretty cloche.
    Always does my heart good to see the elegant Princess Benedikte.

  6. Another wonderful roundup of hats! I’d certainly like to join Benedikte at the beach wearing a hat and drinking wine. 😀 Nice to see Margrethe and Beatrix having fun together as well. Of course the best was saved for last with the reappearance of this wonderful watermelon beret percher! They had it secured well so she could take a turn on a roller coaster (even if it was a smaller one), which included the automatic photo taken as one rides downhill:

    Also, we did talk about royals visiting amusement parks and on roller coasters before (, so this was a fun reminder of that post, which included Margrethe; clearly she is often down for some fun!

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