Service of Thanksgiving for the Duke of Edinburgh: Family

Members of the British royal family and guests from various European royal houses gathered today at Westminster Abbey in London for a Service of Thanksgiving celebrating the life of the Duke of Einburgh.

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Queen Elizabeth wore a coat and hat in deep forest green textured silk cloque fabric trimmed with claret velvet. The hat features a flat crown and upturned brim edged in the velvet, which is echoed on a cluster of leaves that trim the design on one side.

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Designer: I suspect it is Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her textured black beret trimmed with a dark green mottled feather.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Coat dress by Fiona Clare Couture.
Previously Worn: Nov 5, 2011; May 8, 2020May 1, 2019;  May 22, 2012Nov 20, 2010Nov 14, 2010May 5, 2010Dec 14, 2009Nov 5, 2009Oct 9, 2009Dec 2, 2008Dec 14, 2007

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a black straw boater hat with woven straw braid brim trimmed with an ivory satin cord hatband and a spray of ivory and taupe feathers.

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Designer: Mayer Boater by Awon Golding for Lock and Co. Dress by Alessandra Rich.
Previously Worn: This hat is new.

Princess Beatrice wore a burgundy halo bandeau trimmed with monochrome silk flowers and leaves and a navy birdcage veil.

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Designer: Justine Bradley-Hill. Coat by Nonoo Lyons.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new.

Princess Eugenie wore a black beaded bandeau headpiece with detachable black silk bow.

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Designer: Emily London. Dress by Erdem.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new.

The Countess of Wessex wore a new peaked bandeau with large back bow in black crepe.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the Oversized Black Bow Band. Suzannah London velvet coat. 
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new.

Lady Louise Windsor Lady Louise Windsor repeated her navy satin covered button percher trimmed with satin and beaded Rouleaux twists and velvet flowers.

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Designer: Emily London. Ralph Lauren dress and Sandro Paris jacket.
Previously Worn: Jun 8, 2019; Apr 21, 2019;  Oct 12, 2018

Princess Anne topped her dark green dress and coat with a flat fabric covered pillbox with ruffled bow.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Mar 29, 2012; Nov 1992; Jul 31, 1998 and undoubtedly more

Savannah Phlips wore a navy ruched headband while her younger sister, Isla, wore a knotted one in a navy floral print from Joules.

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Zara Tindall paired an inky blue collared coat with a matching halo bandeau trimmed with rolled organdie leaves. Her eldest daughter Mia wore a headband wrapped in midnight blue velvet ribbon.

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Designer: Bee Smith. Coat by Laura Green London.
Previously Worn: Zara’s headpiece is new.

Hats are never the main story at events such as these; it is wonderful to see this family gathered to remember someone who clearly meant a great deal to them all.

See hats worn by members of the extended British royal family at this post
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11 thoughts on “Service of Thanksgiving for the Duke of Edinburgh: Family

  1. I thought the Queen looked lovely in the green and burgundy. The placement of the feather on Camilla’s hat seemed odd to me as did the way the bow sticks out on Sophie’s bandeau. I haven’t quite made up my mind about Anne’s hat – it seems a bit small with all that hair. Normally, I am not a big fan of bandeaus but I did like Zara’s. The biggest surprise for me was Kate’s hat. For my money, its the best hat she has worn in the last 10 years. Slightly off topic – I think she needs to get rid of the buttons on the shoulder of that dress. They are just too big and unnecessary.

  2. I love a good color tribute, so seeing the Edinburgh green on display was a nice touch. It was wonderful to see HM out for this service, and while I’ve never been a big fan of matching fabric on hats and outfits (especially when it covers the whole hat), since the color is subdued it makes the matchiness less obvious and it was a nice hat with lovely restrained trim (not always the case with AK hats). At first glance, I also thought the coat was a repeat from this event (, which is a whole look I would love to see again in general.

    A repeat from Camilla that serves as a fine tribute, and it looks like the feather was refreshed for this occasion. Kate was certainly the standout of the day, and I adore this whole look! She looks fantastic in a boater, and Lock & Co. has really hit a high note with Awon Golding at the helm of their couture millinery. I hope this isn’t the last time we’ve seen this hat.

    Beatrice’s burgundy bandeau was beautiful with all its details. While Eugenie’s wasn’t as exciting for me, it’s still a lovely piece that suited her well.

    Sophie’s look was honestly a disappointment IMO. I’m a sucker for a big bow, but it looked so awkward with how it’s attached to this bandeau; a pillbox would’ve been a better choice. Louise’s repeated cocktail hat is definitely one of her best looks (I didn’t realize this was its fourth outing), although I would’ve placed it slightly more forward.

    Loved Anne’s coat, but her hat’s placement, combined with her hairstyle, looked quite dated to me unfortunately (bring back the 2012 forward placement). Finally, Zara looked fine in this bandeau, but I would’ve preferred a repeat of this one (, which I think is more flattering on her (although I realize I wasn’t such a fan at the time, but time has changed my mind).

    • I agree Kate was stunning top to toe and am so pleased she’s discovered a slightly darker lipstick.

      Louise is an absolute stunner and her lipstick also looked great with her lovely complexion.

      I didn’t like Sophie’s it was all too exaggerated – it reminded me of the wings on the headdress worn by the Dutch minus the top part (hope that makes sense)

  3. I do like the headbands on the girls
    though many applauded Kate’s new hat I’m not fond of it, especially the feathers

  4. I struggled with comments here because it was indeed a somber occasion, but here they are.

    I really like Kate’s boater and dress. Perfection. But appropriate for the occasion? I am still not sure.

    I don’t recall ever seeing Beatrice look this nice. The bandeau is perfect.

    It was HM that moved me. One of her best looks. Bless her.

  5. Lovely choices by all the royal ladies. Kate’s boater is a standout, another mark of her increasing sophistication and confidence. Great to see her in a new hat style.

    Sophie’s bandeau looks good from the side, but rather odd from the front. Sofia of Sweden wore something similar a few years ago, and I thought the same of hers. But Beatrice’s bandeau is stunning. If I had hair that gorgeous, I’d want to leave it uncovered, too!

    Louise looks so grown-up, and I love that she’s getting so much use from this charming percher.

  6. Remarkable! The entire family was somehow color coordinated – beautiful forest green for the senior Royals, (and some of the visiting royalty) black for the middle group, and navy for all the younger set. The Queen’s ensemble blew me away, and the claret trim is so rich looking.
    I hope we see Kate’s phenomenal boater again.

  7. I haven’t had a chance to watch the service as |I’m not too sure they showed it in North America. Hopefully some of the footage that comes out will give some sense of the poignancy of the occasion.

    What a wonderful nod to Prince Philip with most ladies wearing “Edinburgh green.” I think everyone looked lovely and appropriate, especially The Queen.

    I quite like the boater on the Duchess of Cambridge. I don’t think we’ve seen a boater on her before, and, again, she wears that style well.

    Princess Beatrice bandeau with the veil was lovely. She looks great in that color. Princess Eugenie’s was lovely as well with the black beading.

    All the young great grand daughters looked impeccable and so sweet in their headbands.

  8. A very poignant day especially for Queen Elizabeth. The Royal ladies wore a lovely selection of hats. The young great-granddaughters of Prince Philip were especially sweet in their navy velvet headbands.

  9. Some very beautiful hats here. I love the forest green worn as a tribute, and HM’s deep Clare the trim is beautiful with the scarab brooch, a touching gift from Philip.
    I really like the headbands worn today by Beatrice, Eugenie, Sophie and Beatrice, they seem just right and very flattering.
    And Kate’s broad boater is just divine.
    All in all a lovely family send off, given a lighter edge as it’s a year since Philip died; but still a poignant day, as I saw Beatrice break down when I watched the service, and it was so sad to see.

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