Easter Sunday at Windsor

Members of the British Royal Family attended Easter matins service on Sunday at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

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Queen Camilla wore a new hat in vibrant blue very finely woven straw. The button beret percher is trimmed with a statement multi looped bow and, as usual, the piece is impeccably finished.

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The colour is so beautiful on Camilla, and links perfectly with the embroidery on her coat, making it ‘pop’! The hat’s scale is also great, the large bow giving it more gravitas and balancing with Camilla’s signature hairstyle. Camilla has added several new percher hats to her wardrobe over the past year and they are great additions.

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Designer: OC951 from SS 2022 by Philip Treacy. Coat dress by Anna Valentine. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new. 

The Princess of Wales topped her royal blue coat with a matching velour felt pillbox hat. The design features an indented crown and ruched side trimmed with a bow.

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Again, the colour is magnificent as are the interplay of textures between the felt hat and velvet collared crepe coat. There is a lovely sense of subtle movement in this pillbox, thanks to the lower ruched side, which gives it lift and modernity. It’s a great update on a classic shape.

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Designer: bespoke Mayfair Pillbox by Awon Golding for Lock & Co. Coat by Catherine Walker. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Beatrice wore a finely woven black straw button trimmed with cream silk flower. The raw edged flower seems at odds with the otherwise tailored ensemble, leaving me wish Beatrice had repeated the more refined headpiece she first paired with this dress.

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Designer: Dress by Emilia Wickstead. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Eugenie wore a navy silk hand smocked bandeau headpiece. The scale suits her well and the hand smocked detail gives great interest and texture to the piece. And yes- we’ve seen this same design on her before!

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Designer: bespoke Cressida headpiece by Emily London. Dress by Whistles. 
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

The Duchess of Edinburgh brought back a hat that’s been in her closet for more than two decades, a camel felt design with tall, flared crown and wide, offset brim. Trimmed with a silk hatband and small bow, the hat’s unique shape firmly dates it in the early 2000s and it feels uncomfortably clunky now. Sophie has repeated many past worn hats recently, a practice I wholeheartedly applaud, but I suggest retirement for this one.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: Dec 30, 2012; Mar 23, 2008; Feb 2, 2002

Princess Anne repeated her navy straw hat with diagonal crown and upswept brim, trimmed with navy and white feathers and a looped straw bow at the side.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unkknown
Previously Worn: Jul 13, 2017

Zara Tindall topped a vibrant pink dress with a hat described by the milliner as, “Gorgeous straw percher hat. Trimmed with large silk gladioli flowers and silk abaca bow.” It’s a familiar shape that Zara wears well, with a scale and presence that stands up to her bright dress. The styling of neutral accessories in this look is just so good.

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Designer: Gladiola Percher by Juliette Botterill. Dress by Jane Atelier. Styled by Annie Miall. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new. 

Mia and Lena Tindall wore sweet headpieces, Mia in a navy headband with button centered flower and Lena in a braided green satin Hucklebones headband.

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Lady Sarah Chatto repeated her ecru textured straw hat with rounded, Garbo style crown and extended brim. I so admire Sarah’s millinery approach, choosing classic shapes in neutral colours that go with a multitude of different outfits. In a world where sustainability is more and more important, this approach (opposed to one where hats are borrowed and worn only once), is one I think we should be supporting.

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Designer: Stephen Jones
Previously Worn: Jun 16, 2022; Jun 15, 2022; Jun 3, 2022Apr 17, 2021;  May 18, 2019;  Jun 18, 2012Jun 15, 2006Jun 4, 2002Jun 10, 2001Jul 11, 2000

Which hats stand out most to you here?

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15 thoughts on “Easter Sunday at Windsor

  1. Designers who lend ZT a hat for the day surely sell them after. What’s not sustainable about that?
    Also the pink is great for Easter.
    She’s never had a title and avoids all airs and graces use, she’s by far one of the most (arguably THE most) accomplished members of the RF (she’s been the world and European champion in her sport and Olympic silver medalist), she’s still doing that and much else with three kids, she never ever complains in the media, she’s cheerful in every public interaction, she brings some positive energy the RF really needs. I think the RF needs far far more family members in this mode.
    All this criticism here of her is odd.

    • Milliner friends and colleagues in the UK explain that publicists and stylists borrow a collection of hats for a season. They are returned at the end of the season, often damaged, and can often only be sold at a high end-of-season discount, if they can be sold at all.

      I also admire Zara’s work ethic and approach. I just wish the celebrity culture of “this celebrity wearing your hat in some photos is payment enough” was completely erased.

  2. Although Camilla can carry off large hats which not everyone can, and therefore it almost seems a waste when she wears something smaller, I can think of a number of her smaller hats which also suit her. This is an attractive hat, but somehow it doesn’t seem to suit her as well as others of her smaller hats do, I’m not quite sure why. Maybe the round shape.

    I like Kate’s whole outfit, the hat has a tiny bit of extra drama lifting it above a “standard” pillbox, and I think she looks very elegant. Anne also looks elegant, I must say, lovely coat and good hat. Sarah Chatto, as always, also epitomises elegance, but I’m glad she isn’t at every royal event as it’s also completely predictable!

    Sophie’s hat has indeed dated, but I think could be worn again better than it is here. The main culprit is the boots, which are awful with this ensemble. I also think the somewhat boxy cut of the shoulders of the otherwise very attractive coat don’t do anything for the shape of the hat. I could see the hat looking better with heels, an outfit that has a more complementary colour (maybe something like peach or cinnamon) in a sleeker shape, and possibly some trim such as a feather added… This lovely also coat cries out for a hat that really complements it too.

  3. Nice to see the usual Easter parade this year! I’m so used to seeing QC in a big hat that seeing her in a percher is a bit jarring. This is a nice hat and goes well with the coat’s embroidery, but I don’t think this particular shape suits her as well as a beret if she wanted to go with a smaller profile. The King isn’t wearing a hat but definitely doing his Easter best with his pattern mixing tie & pocket square 😀 The Princess of Wales looks lovely but I’d like for something to relieve all that blue, even the contrasting collar isn’t enough since the light plays tricks. I don’t really love this shape on her here for some reason. Princess Anne looks lovely, we tease about her closet recycling but this is a classic shape and doesn’t look dated at all. Ditto Sarah Chatto, loving the pop of color in her cardi. Sophie on the other hand should have left this whole outfit in the back of the closet. That hat is very dated. Which brings me to ask, how hard is it to redo a hat, is it even possible? Could Treacy not take this apart and make something more classic out of it? While I preferred Princess Beatrice’s original hat with this dress, this one is nice too. Princess Eugenie’s headband is ok, nothing special even though it looks good on her. Zara defaults to this hat shape but it does suit her and she knows how to mix colors. The exuberant trim on this one is especially appropriate for Easter. All the littles are adorable in their headbands.

  4. A really joyous variety of hats for Easter Day from the British Royals.
    My posts have been ‘getting lost’ so trying a brief one as a tester!

  5. Whilst I can see that Camilla’s hat picks up the blue on the dress, the other colour is so dominant that I think it’s a bit of a clash. It’s a lovely hat though.
    I really dislike this ageing coat on Kate, and the hat does indeed give flight attendant vibes. One of her staider outfits.
    Love Beatrice’s rewear and I think the hat is fine. Eugenie’s looks blooming.
    Sophie – hmm. She looks nice and warm anyway. She should take a tip from Sarah C on rewears, only pick classic pieces time and again. She’s done this twinset, 50s skirt and brimmed hat a hundred times, yet she mixes it up and always looks fab in it. That orange is lovely.

  6. I’ll admit I was disappointed to see Camilla choose blue yet again, even if these cerulean and true blue shades do flatter her so well. I do think this cocktail hat feels a bit twee on her, and instead I would’ve chosen to repeat this hat from last May:
    Embed from Getty Images

    A lot of blue for Kate as well, but I do like this and think this hat is more interesting than the pillbox she previously wore with this coat. Lock & Co. really have hit their stride with couture women’s hats by hiring Awon Golding, and Kate’s preferences for her designs in the last year have really demonstrated this.

    A fine look for Beatrice, but I agree the bandeau was a better look for her. I’ll give Eugenie a pass as she’s expecting soon, but this bandeau is rather boring, especially after thinking it was a repeat (it almost was).

    I get what Sophie was doing, but this particular hat is just too dated; maybe if she had added some fancy trim it might’ve helped, but as is her outfit was let down by the hat.

    Meanwhile, Anne looked quite lovely; brava! Zara also looked great, even if it the hat is standard fair for her; the hot pink is a very flattering color for her as well.

    Finally, while Sarah has repeated this hat many times and it always suits her, what I’m most excited about is her infusing some color into her ensemble with that tomato orange cardigan/top. A great balance to all the beige she’s wearing otherwise.

    Did anyone else besides Mrs. Jimbo (and myself haha) wear a hat for Easter (or Passover, or even Ramadan perhaps)?

  7. Lovely to see the RF and, finally— hats!

    Everyone looked very nice except for Sophie. That hat and matching boots?
    Well, it was just a waste of a very nice coat.
    Appreciated HQ’s comments on Sarah Chatto’s hat. She always looks elegant, and I agree that the neutral hat colors she chooses, along with the flattering shape are wonderful.
    As far as sustainability? We all know who borrows hats because it has been discussed here before. I am getting a bit weary of seeing her turned out in clothes and hats she won’t wear again. Give me Princess Anne’s elegant, if sometimes dated, ensembles instead.

  8. Thank you for this exhaustive review!
    I really like the whole outfit of Zara Tindall. And the classic Lady Sarah is also very “chic”.

  9. Wow, quite a variety of styles and seasons displayed on Easter Sunday.

    Camilla: Today’s hat is her 5th blue hat worn since Christmas, only one of which was previously worn (Maundy Thursday). Personally, I think something a bit more grandiose would have worked better. But unlike Christopher, I really like the two-toned blues together.
    Kate: Glorious color of blue, though she could have worn Camilla’s new hat with her beautiful coat. The pillbox is too severe for her lovely features, IMO.
    Sophie: My hat’s off for her wearing an over 20 year old hat, but its shape clearly dates it. Her entire ensemble seemed heavy and warm for the season. (Mrs. Jimbo wore a recently renovated/updated 30 year old straw hat on Easter and looked great!)
    Anne: Today’s winner! I love the beautiful navy hat with her 2016 Royal Ascot white coat. Perfect balance and weight for the day.
    Zara: Business as usual, which is good for her appearance, but questionable for today’s catch word “sustainability.” (see below *)
    Lady Sarah: Trim down the brim 3 or 4 inches, or save this hat for the beach.

    * HQ, how about a deeper discussion on sustainability – it is clearly a two-edged sword in Royal circles, not to mention milliners’ livelihoods. Is it safe to assume that your weekly “caught my eye” editions mainly highlight the beautiful creations which are intended to be for one-n-done occasions? Many lovely, albeit impractical designs. Great for the milliner, but . . .

  10. Firstly, wonderful to see them all looking so happy and relaxed!
    QC: looked splendid – I know there has been a lot of blue recently, but it suits her so well – the shade of the hat is fantastic.
    PcssoW: Very polished, as usual, but unfortunately am somewhat underwhelmed of late, and this hat (whilst a gorgeous colour) sums it up for me.
    DssoE: I dont actually mind the hat but this ‘outfit’ is one of the worst we have seen on her for many years imo. At a push, it could be worn for Cheltenham races
    PcssA: Good effort
    PcssB: I like the whole look, and prefer this hat to the previous
    PcssE: Another bandeau, but nice all the same
    ZT: I dont see anything which is trashy at all – for me, she is the best of the bunch – bright, modern and tasteful (yes, even with a bit of leg showing). And her girls look adorable.
    SC: Usual uniform, but pleasant as ever

  11. QC: there were several comments on the Court Jeweller blog criticising the hat for being too small but I think the proportions are right for this occasion (perhaps we’re so used to seeing her in larger designs that it comes as something of a shock to see a more streamlined piece). What doesn’t work for me is the combination of the 2 blues – I would have preferred white or a very pale blue embroidery & hat.
    PssoW: agree with HQ that the hat design & colour are interesting but, combined with the outfit, convey too much of a flight-attendant vibe.
    DssoE: also agree with HQ that the sooner the cartoon-character hat is retired, the better.
    PssA: an excellent design and choice of outfit.
    PssB: I think the sleeker flower accessory worked better with the first outfit as highlighted by HQ but prefer the button hat to the headpiece.
    ZT: yet another variant of the design she always seems to choose which admittedly suits her; what doesn’t suit her is the dress which looks rather trashy.

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