Catching Up… The Danish Royals

On September 5, Crown Princess Mary repeated her biscuit straw hat with sculputral crown and gently upfolded brim for Flag Day. On this outing, she trimmed the hat with a side bow and ivory spray of feathers.

Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: Aug 17, 2017; Jun 13, 2010Nov 2, 2009; Sept 18, 2009; May 4, 2009; June 19, 2008; Oct 8, 2007Jun 22, 2006; Jun 8, 2006; Apr 30, 2006Aug 18, 2005; May 7. 2005; Sep 9, 2004; Jul 29. 2004; Jun 22, 2004

On September 30, Princess Benedikte opened a care facility in Hornbæk in her ecru felt hat with contrasting swirl and raised brim around the back of the design.

Designer: unknown. My guess is Susanne Juul.
Previously Worn: April 13, 2016; Mar 17, 2015; Oct 7, 2014Jan 30, 2014Jan 14, 2012 

On October 4, Queen Margrethe was joined by her sister, son and daughter-in-law for the annual opening of parliament.

Queen Margrethe repeated her mint wool silk crepe covered bumper with cuffed brim that splits into side curls and feather trim.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: Sep 5, 2019;  May 31, 2019;  June 13, 2017;  Mar 28, 2017;  Oct 3, 2016;  Apr 30, 2016Sep 8, 2015; Jun 5, 2015May 23, 2015Apr 16, 2015

Crown Princess Mary repeated a purple felt pillbox hat with beaded feather trim on the opposite side.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: “Shell” design by Jane Taylor

Previously Worn: Oct 3, 2017; Feb 7, 2017; April 30, 2016March 17, 2015;  October 7, 2014

Princess Benedikte repeated a hat introduced earlier this year with domed crown in the same dark green, white and grey plaid plaid as her coordinating jacket. The hat is given a wintery touch with a cuffed brim of pale grey fur.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: Jan 31, 2022

On October 5,  Princess Benedikte opened OK-Fond’s nursing home Bavne Ager in her chocolate bumper hat with diagonal stripes round the brim.

Designer: unknown.   
Previously Worn:  Apr 7, 2022

On October 6, Princess Benedikte repeated her chic deep purple trilby with lighter purple hatband to open a Flora Danica exhibition at Koldinghus Museum. The opening was also attended by Count Ingolf and Countess Sussie af Rosenborg, Countess Sussie in a black felt pillbox hat.

Designer: Unknown. My guess is again Susanne Juul.
Previously Worn: Oct 6, 2020; Mar 7, 2017December 3, 2013;  March 8, 2013

While we have not seen any new hats from Danish royals in the past few weeks, there are some great repeats!

Images from Getty as indicated  

6 thoughts on “Catching Up… The Danish Royals

  1. The mixed opinions and comments on these posts are fascinating. When it comes to repeating older hats, I love it. CP Mary’s 18 year old biscuit straw, which pairs so well with her forest green dress, is a great example. On the other end of the spectrum, Camille (sorry, I’m not ready to put Queen in front of her name yet) has an extreme number of very similar cream/ecru/off white hats. However, Queen Margrethe’s mint ensemble, though very nice indeed, doesn’t need to come out of the closet quite as often. Princess Benedikte always looks top shelf, as she did four times here, all in repeats. The winner in today’s post is her purple trilby.
    PS Yesterday Mrs. Jimbo took 5 hats, some almost 30 years old!) to be refurbished. They’re worth keeping, instead of donating them, or putting them with our young granddaughter’s dress up clothes, like some from the past. Being a good sport, when we go to pick them up, I’ll buy her a new one as an early birthday gift.

    • Fantastic to hear about the refurbishment of old hats and the upcoming purchase of a new one! Wish we could see photos of Mrs. Jimbo’s collection. 😉 I am also taking my grandmother’s circlet hat this coming weekend to get some new life after I managed to accidentally damage the veiling on it more unfortunately (insert crying emoji).

  2. I agree with Jake. I loved Benedikte’s cream hat with grey swirl! It was great to see it in action again. The fur addition to the plaid hat was a rare fail IMO for Benedikte. I like Daisy’s hat, but wish for new hats a little more often with her. It seems we’ve been seeing a host of repeats lately. I think the same with Mary’s flag day hat. It is appropriate and still in good condition, but it has had enough outings. Time to retire that hat. Now, her purple pillbox I wouldn’t mind seeing more often. I thought she looked Princess perfect at the Folketinget!

  3. Wonderful to see Benedikte in more action again! I’ve been missing this cream and grey hat, so I’m grateful it reappeared again after hiding away for so long. Her purple trilby was also a delight to see again. However, I’ve never been a big fan of her repeated hat at the opening of the Folketinget, and it felt rather heavy in comparison to the other two royal hats in attendance.

    Sadly, minus the one photo featured, I wouldn’t have known this was Mary’s lovely deep purple pillbox and would’ve assumed it to be a more boring plain black one. Hope we get to see it again with an outfit that better highlights the hat’s color. This has long been one of my favorite hats for Margrethe, so I’m happy to see it once more, otherwise there’s nothing new for me to say!

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