This Week’s Extras

Crown Prince Haakon in a cozy knit hat to visit the Oslo Public Transport Service on January 20, 2021
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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Amazing texture on this percher with pork pie base and leather rose vine by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Navy felt visored cap with twists around the back by Belgian brand Cap’a di Carina
Wonderful ombre trim on this vibrant pink straw pillbox (and this blue one) by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput


Stephen Jones’ collection for Dior Winter 2021 features bowler hats hand painted by Scottish artist Peter Doig
Charming pale blue straw calot with double trailing bow by British milliner Justine Bradley-Hill
Fantastic shape and feather trim on this moody fedora by Russian milliner By Marina Koneva
Unexpected mustard and teal scheme on this felt button percher with feathers by British brand SB Millinery
Black and white hound’s tooth wool newsboy cap by German milliner Ulrike Strelow
Luscious latte leather percher with flowers and curling quills by Australian brand Ebbella Millinery
Vibrant blue felt hat with aubergine silk flowers and spectacular feathers by London-based milliner Merver Bayindir
Ivory saucer rimmed in black crin with satin and velvet flower vine by American milliner Marie Galvin
Beautiful and sustainable! Halo bandeau of handmade paper flowers by Australian milliner Wendy Scully


Sweet photos of Princess Athena released by the Dutch monarchy for her 9th birthday
We end this week with a beautiful shot of Windsor Castle, where the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh remain in residence.
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Photos from social media as indicated

This Week’s Extras

Princess Akiko in a charcoal cloche with wide burgundy hatband on Monday for the National University Rugby final

Nicholas and Alina Medforth-Mills and Princess Tatiana of Greece shared snaps enjoying time outdoors in warm knit winter hats
Buckle up- there’s a long parade of new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Adore the graphic and colourful hatband on this lemon-lime felt split-crown fedora by US milliner Kristin Silverman
Wonderful hand painted flowers on this pink leather bandeau by Australian milliner Milano Imai
Ivory straw hugger wit black dotted veil studded with feathers by Irish milliner Marie Galvin
Lovely shapes on this blue cloche with leather bands and this felt floral-trimmed bandeau by Italian brand Nadine Millinery
Statement leopard print fedora with asymmetrical brim by British milliner Carrie Jenkinson
Channeling spring with this floral embroidered bandeau from UK brand Emily London
Fantastic texture on this handwoven (not knitted!) wool beret by American milliner Jennifer Hoertz

The prettiest picture hat in layered grey and aqua straw with stacked hatband and lilies by British milliner Kerry Kernan
For our dear gents, a handsome olive Pork Pie hat with lighter green hatband & wind cord by Hornskov København
Dimensional laser printed flowers on the brim of this electric blue Garbo hat by Italian brand Borsalino
Black bound ivory felt cloche with flyaway cutout brim and back twist by Romanian brand Decorina
Deep red velvet bandeau with statement side silk flower and veil by Rachel Trevor Morgan
Ivory felt embroidered fedora with yellow and peacock blue layered hatbands by American milliner Cassie MacGregor
Absolutely wonderful ribbon pleating on these colourful berets by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit

Palest slate blue wool beret with lace applique, embroidery and dimensional silk flowers by French brand Katoushti
Black and tan woven boater with pearl brooch studded hatband and statement bow by British milliner Felicity Gee
Firey tropical floral trim on this ivory straw saucer hat by French milliner Céline Tastevin
Gold lattice embroidered halo bandeau headpiece trimmed in pearls by British brand Stephanie Elizabeth Millinery
Adore the curving seams on this red wool cloche with leather panels by British milliner Karen Henriksen
Sleek petrol blue felt fedora with side knot and saucy angled brim by American milliner Laura Del Villaggio
From British milliner Yuan Li, an uplifting message in ombre-dyed rainbow straw

Charming photos of King Harald and Queen Sonja (at home like all the rest of us!) released to mark the 30th anniversary of the King’s accession today.

Have you seen Carolina Piteira’s recently completed portrait of Queen Elizabeth? It’s so lovely.

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This Week’s Extras

Princess Hisako repeated her large black saucer hat with feather trim on January 1st for the All Japan Football Championship match

Prim hats on Princess Mako and Princess Kako on January 7

Numerous new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Pale ecru classic wool fedora by British brand Hicks and Brown
Pink teardrop percher with crescent trim and sparkling sequins by Italian brand Batog hats
Fantastic checkerboard straw waved hat with silk floral trim by London-based milliner Merver Bayindir
Structured grey felt stacked beret with snakeskin print hatband by French milliner Geneviève Parois
Pale pink jinsin twist saucer with double headwrap by Australian milliner Christine Waring
Incredible beaded and lace trimmed Tudor hood with folded ribbon by Austrian milliner Nadia Grubelnik
Button crowned hat with fuchsia pinwheel ribbon wrap by British brand Victoria Charles Headpieces
Streamlined and sleek muddy mauve felt saucer with beaded trim by Russian milliner Lana Anisimova
Deep berry felt beret with ombre dyed feathers by British milliner Awon Golding
Oyster felt extended brim trilby with silver hatband and lilies by British milliner Beverley Edmondson
Lovely felt cloche hats with side stitched bows by Italian milliner Monica Gamberale
Black and white leather bumper percher with flowers and feathers by British milliner Justine Bradley-Hill
The prettiest silk and velvet flowers adorning a deep pink straw beret percher by London-based milliner Inna Walker

This Week’s Extras

No surprise, I did not spot any royal hats last week. However, lots of lovely millinery designs caught my eye:
Fantastic sculpted swirl crown felt berets in shades of purple by Canadian milliner Kelly Dunlap
Ombre feather pinwheel headpiece by London-based milliner Merve Bayindir
Denim blue felt boater with wonderful beaded wing trim from Moldovan brand Julie Anne Millinery
Woven raffia Breton with black braid binding and back bows by Australian brand Jettah & Till
|Adore the ombre dyed feathers on this purple and pink freeform sinamay design by Canadian milliner Truly Carmichael
Large scale scarlet straw beret percher with straw ruffles and luxe silk abaca rose by British milliner Inna Walker
Pale straw halo hat with blue lace pearl-centered flowers and burnt feathers by Australian milliner Irene Moore
Wonderfully unexpected scheme on this wine wool cloche with folded ribbon & rust pouff by US milliner Kristin Silverman
Eye-catching red felt brimmed design with angular crown by British milliner Kerry Kernan
Awed by this silk-embedded felted wool in blue, green and silver. Hat by Spanish milliner Yolanda Torres
Pale pink straw halo bandeau with coral folded grosgrain ribbon trim by Australian milliner Christine Waring
Fabulous hatband on this camel felt fedora by French brand Katoushti
Statement saucer in navy and cream straw with flying bow and quills by British milliner Beverley Edmonson
Whimsical orange felt cap bedecked with bows and veil by British milliner Harvey Santos
Chocolate felt brimmed hat with sculpted crown, vintage crystals and silver hatband by US milliner Laura Del Villaggio
Headpiece resembling crashing waves in blue crin, sparterie and beads by London milliner Nora De la Quintana


Lovely new photos released for Princess Kako’s 26th birthday


Congratulations to Tessy de Nassau who announced her engagement to Swiss entrepreneur Frank Floessel

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This Week’s Extras

Princess Charlene shared a collection of family snaps that all involve hats
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Ivory halo bandeau embroidered with gold stars, swarovski crystals and pearls by Irish milliner Edel Black
Love the unexpected grey and orange scheme of this felt trilby by Belgian milliner Anne Vannieuwenhuyse
Ivory straw boater hat with the most beautiful hand painted brim by Spanish millinery artist Lidya Diaz
Lovely lilac felt cloche with accordion pleated trim by Italian milliner Marianna Sanua
Royal blue felt Breton with scalloped brim by American brand SF Millinery
Black satin button percher with beautiful velvet Christmas rose trim by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Incredibly chic cheetah print felt fedora with extended brim by French brand Maison Laurette
The most charming pale pink beret with bow by Italian milliner Monica Gamberale
Black velvet pleated beret with blue and grey feathers by French milliner Sylvia Martinez
Cognac felt structured tam with lovely feather trim by American milliner Christine Moore
Claret felt brimmed hat by Moldovan brand Julie Anne Millinery
Lilac wool beret with silk flowers, lace applique, sequins and embroidery by French brand Katoushi
Black woven halo bandeau studded with crystals by German milliner Nicki Marquardt


The Grand Duke of Luxembourg’s nephew, Prince Constantin, was married to Kathryn Mechie on December 22

Christmas photo greetings from numerous royal families

Photos from social media as indicated