Danish Royal Events This Month

On Friday, November 11, Queen Margrethe opened an exhibition at the Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus. She repeated a plaid bumper hat with pyramid shaped crown and layered feather trim around the raised brim.  I think it’s been over a decade since this hat made its last public appearance. 

Designer: unknown. Likely Per Falk Hansen.
Previously Worn: Oct 6, 2009 and others

On November 12, the Danish royal family celebrated the 50th anniversary of Queen Margrethe’s accession to the throne. For this event, she wore a new hat covered in the same fabric as the ensemble’s coordinating suit. The smaller-scale hat has a short brim and is trimmed with a slim hatband and double spray of grey and pink-tinged feathers on the side.

Embed from Getty Images

The colour is fantastic and hat’s smaller scale (along with ruffled grey silk blouse and that gorgeous fur wrap) keep the overall look from falling into pink overload. The jaunty brim adds life and lift to the piece, as do the beautifully dimensional feathers and its impeccable construction. It’s such a great hat for a celebratory occasion such as this.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Mathilde Førster
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Crown Princess Mary repeated a deep plum bandeau headpiece. The angular design features an elevated center and is covered with tiny sequins that give it great texture.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor  Metallic Sequin Headband from AW 2019
Previously Worn: Dec 9, 2019

Princess Benedikte wore an ivory beret with bow on the side.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: this hat is new

November 13 saw Princess Benedikte travel to Geneva for the 75th anniversary of the Danish Church in Switzerland. For this event, she repeated a feather covered hat that I’d really like to see at closeup view!

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn:  Oct 11, 2020 

On November 15, Queen Margrethe celebrated the 400th anniversary of Denmark’s Jewish history with a visit to the Danish Jewish Museum and a celebratory service in the Synagogue in Krystalgade in Copenhagen. She repeated her bright blue stemmed beanie hat with black patent leather cuff brim. 

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn:  Mar 17, 2021; Nov 18, 2020; Nov 13, 2019; Mar 13, 2019; Nov 21, 2018; Oct 3, 2017; Nov 16, 2016; Apr 25, 2016;  April 5, 2016; Mar 18, 2016; Mar 9, 2016; Nov 20, 2015; Mar 9, 2014; Apr 6, 2013Mar 21, 2013Oct 23, 2012Oct 20, 2010

The following day, Queen Margrethe attended Watch Parade of the Royal Life Guard to present “The Queen’s Clock” military award and later, receive an honorary speech making award. For these events, she repeated her blue plaid trilby with navy hatband. The combination of trilby and fur coat is so confidently chic!

Embed from Getty Images

Previously Worn: Apr 22, 2022; Nov 17, 2021; Nov 13, 2021; Oct 29, 2021; Sep 30, 2021

Last Friday, 25 November 2022, Queen Margrethe attended the University of Copenhagen’s annual celebration to mark it’s 1479 founding. She repeated the pink hat worn for her jubilee, shown at the top of this post. 

Designer: Mathilde Førster
Previously Worn: Nov 12, 2022

Which of these hats stand out to you most?

Images from Getty as indicated  

10 thoughts on “Danish Royal Events This Month

  1. This lavender pink bowler is a nice and different choice of hat for Margrethe to celebrate her jubilee. The color is fantastic and the jaunty angle feels very Margrethesque. I could also see one of the Japanese princesses, especially Hisako, wearing this hat.

    Even though it was her sister’s moment, Benedikte looked absolutely so chic in that oversized beret and purple cape coat! We definitely need to see this whole ensemble again closer up to truly appreciate it. Brava!

    The blue plaid trilby looks great, although I’m not the biggest fan of it matching her coat and skirt; I do like the contrast of the grey fur coat, although the coat’s weight then feels a bit at odds with the lighter trilby. I suppose I’m just to particular when it comes to this hat haha.

  2. Margrethe looks pleased with her new little pink hat, and it’s easy to see why — it’s a winner. I was thinking about HMQEII’s habit of wearing vivid colors so people could see her. Here is another old pro doing the same. The featherwork on the plaid pyramid hat looks beautiful, but I find it too much with the plaid. And I agree with Jimbo that the plaid trilby looks better without the plaid jacket.

    The Danish Jewish Museum looks stunning, and what a proud anniversary for a welcoming country!

  3. It looks like the hat Princess Benedikte wore in Switzerland is covered with large iridescent paillettes/sequins rather than feathers. Look at how perfectly regular in shape they are–and how they reflect the light (especially evident in the Oct 2020 photo of the same hat).

  4. I really like the color of Queen Margrethe’s new hat, but I’m not sure about its shape. The 3rd photo of the last Instagram set gives a good side view of it, where its unique design is highlighted.
    Princess Benedikte usually looks perfect, but this feather creation is not as flattering on her as so many others.
    Margrethe’s plaid trilby is excellent as is her jacket, but it’s a lot of a good thing when worn together.
    All of these neutral, lukewarm comments today are overshadowed by two things:
    1. It’s great seeing so much millinery activity from Denmark recently.
    2. It’s even greater having a new Royal Hats post after an almost 3 week hiatus. Thanks, HQ!

  5. I like the blue plaided hat, very sophisticated
    the pink hat is simply adorable though I would add a less fluffy embellishment

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