Royal Ascot 2019 Overview

Here are all the hats we saw on female royal heads this year:

 Day 1: June 18, 2019

2019-06-18 Day 1 Ascot 1 250 2019-06-18 Day 1 Ascot 2 250 2019-06-18 Day 1 Ascot 3 250 2019-06-18 Day 1 Ascot 4 250 2019-06-18 Day 1 Ascot 5 250 2019-06-18 Day 1 Ascot 6 250 2019-06-18 Day 1 Ascot 8 250 2019-06-18 Day 1 Ascot 9 250 2019-06-18 Day 1 Ascot 10 250  

 Day 2: June 19, 2019

 Day 3: June 20, 2019


 Day 4: June 21, 2019

 Day 5: June 22 2019


16 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2019 Overview

  1. It’s been wonderful finding all the hats in one place, and it must have been such a lot of work, Hat Queen – much appreciated. And the comments by the guest milliners were also very interesting – thank you all.

  2. My overall look favorites were Max (the outfit + hat + jewels were phenomenal), followed by Autumn Phillips on Day 5 (the hat + jumpsuit were swoon worthy).

    Just on hats though, My #1 prize goes to HM for delivering two fabulous hats (day 1 and day 3) even though I didn’t care for day 2/5 at all.
    with the #2 prize going to Zara Tindall on day 3 (I loved that hat but did not care for her dress that day).Third place to Princess Michael’s mushroom brim- so clean and understated and beautiful.

    There weren’t any of these hats I didn’t like (except the two of HM mentioned above) and for the most part we saw some wonderful looks. What a great week and many many thanks to Hat Queen and guests!

  3. Max’s hat on day 1 is the perfect encapsulation of what an Ascot hat should be.

    I was hoping for some bold looks from the Countess of Wessex but she was more streamlined this year. Nice hats but Ascot is for over the top.

    My other favorites were the Duchess of Cambridge day 1 and Autumn Philips day 5. Honorable mention to Princess B on day 3.

  4. I love this assemblage of the hats worn.
    My favourites:

    Day 1 —Maxima
    Day 2 — Camilla. I may, or may not, have been swayed by her choker. So hard trying to be objective!
    Day 3 — Too many fine hats to pick from
    Day 4 — Withheld
    Day 5 — Autumn

  5. Take a bow, Hat Queen! You deserve that and more for your up to the minute coverage and for bringing such talented milliners into the discussion. I have learned so much! It’s lovely to see all the hats lined up like this, you get a lovely sense of the shapes and colors. Pastels to start the week and brights to end.

  6. Thank you HQ for all of your hard work and detailed coverage of Royal Ascot! This blog is amazing. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you also to the guest editors for sharing their knowledge and professional insights. What a wonderful week of hats and fashion!

  7. Goodness, what a wonderful week is has been! Thank you for your hard work.
    Why is it that most hats sweep upwards towards the wearer’s left?

  8. Another fabulous Ascot, thank you for all your hard work, and I hope you’re getting to sit somewhere comfy with a large glass of wine to recover! This really is the nicest little corner of the Interweb!

  9. Thank you HatQueen for all your hard work, research and shared knowledge about hats and outfits. I really appreciate it!

  10. Thank you Hat Queen for all your hard work. I truly appreciate the effort and time it takes for you to put together these magnificent posts!

    Thank you to the talented milliners who took time out of their busy schedules to teach me about the finer points of hat making. I learned a lot about the different nuances that go into constructing these works of art.

    Brilliant discussion by the readers as well and thank you for including photos in the comments of your favorites. It’s nice to see the variety.

    I’m still so very sad Princess Haya wasn’t there. I also missed the Snowdens and Chattos.

    My favorite hats this year are:
    The Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Alexandra from Day 1
    HM The Queen, Autumn Phillips and Zara Tindall from Day 3
    Autumn Phillips from Day 5

  11. May I add my thanks to you for your hard work and the fascinating insights your guests brought to the commentary – really enjoyable!
    My Prizes go to:
    Day 1 – HM
    Day 2 – Camilla
    Day 3 – Zara
    Day 4 – Prize withheld
    Day 5 – Autumn

  12. May I add my thanks to you for your hard work and the fascinating insights your guests brought to the commentary – really enjoyable!
    My Prizes go to:
    Day 1 – HM
    Day 2 – Camilla
    Day 3 – Zara
    Day 4 – Prize withheld
    Day 5 – Autumn

  13. Thank you to our guest commentators. They brought such interesting perspectives and added to our discussions wonderfully. And thank you, HatQueen for all the work that must have gone into these wonderful posts.

    As my favourite colours are blue and green, I’ve been in heaven the last few days. A bonanza of blue, green, blue-green and green-blue headwear! Woo!!

  14. Lots and lots of blue, followed by pink and beige. I have to admit that he colour variety hasn’t been the greatest this year. The queen is the only one who varies things and even she went with blue and grey on three days.
    All together I think Maxima wins this for me. Sophie is usually a favorite for me, but I’ve been underwhelmed by her choices this year.

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